Conversocial Acquires Assist

We are excited to announce that we joined the Conversocial team, the leading customer service platform built for messaging channels. With best-in-class agent and bot customer service capabilities on one platform, the Assist acquisition makes Conversocial a CX game-changer.
“Conversocial’s customers have seen the volume of conversations taking place over messaging channels grow by more than 900 percent in the past few years. For brands to continue delivering a great customer service to consumers at that kind of scale, automation is required. With Assist, we are now able to combine the best aspects of messaging automation and human interaction to make connecting with a business as easy as messaging a friend. ”

Ido Bornstein-HaCohen

CEO, Conversocial

Combine human agents with adaptive automation and the unique nature of messaging to delight your customers and transform customer service. The Conversocial Bot Platform delivers:


Commerce Through Care
Conversocial Bots integrates with the most popular payment platforms, including Stripe, Facebook Payments, Google Transaction and many more.


No more “Sorry, I don't understand."
With Conversocial Bots proprietary technology, Random Access Navigation (RAN), when a user mentions a context value not related to the step we still understand and gives people the ability to navigate without a predefined path.


Everything is context.
Every piece of information you receive from your customer, call from your brand databases or receive from the voice & messaging platforms can we used to write contextual copy and engage customers.

Build. Edit. Deploy. Everywhere.

High-level View.

Conversocial Bot's Map View provides a birds-eye view of all the conversation flows and routings between messages within your automated assistant. On the left panel, a list of each step within a particular flow is neatly displayed. On the right is a complete visual map of the customer journey.

High-level View.

Build Everything Without Coding.

Build advanced conversations without writing a single line of code. Get all features of the platform from desktop or from your mobile device when you are on the go.


Routing Rules & Copy.

The Step View is a zoomed-in view to compose and edit a singular message to be sent to the customer. Here, you can select a message type available on a particular platform (e.g. Carousel), enhance the message copy with customer-provided information and route the customer to the next message based on his or her response.

Routing Rules & Copy.

Switchboard. Live Handover.

Switchboard by Assist offers a seamless, persistent messaging experience in which customers switch naturally between automated and human assistants within the same conversation.


Re-engage with Notify.

Notify empowers you to reach some or all of your customers at once. These campaigns can be scheduled for any time of the day or when an action or event is triggered (e.g at the start of a Golden State Warriors game).







"Innovation is in our company's DNA and we are committed to always being at the forefront of where consumers are going next. Assist pioneered the intelligent automation that has helped us successfully streamline and get to common platforms for our many conversational commerce initiatives. Customers choose the channel through which they want to engage with us and we are able to create meaningful interactions on a personal level, at scale. With change comes new opportunities and we look forward to working with Conversocial to tackle the next set of challenges in our efforts to continually enhance the shopping experience."

Arnold Leap, CIO @ 1-800-Flowers

“The future isn’t about downloading another app. We are moving into a world where you can do everything with a brand with simply a conversation. A conversation that remembers your preferences, learns over time, and creates the best customer experience. A conversational customer experience. We now have an end-to-end solution to own the customer experience from marketing and sales all the way to service.”

Shane Mac

SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Conversocial






"Digital service channels are central to our strategy at Aer Lingus, so we were excited to partner with Conversocial on the development of our tier-1 service bot. The bot provides automated updates to guests on the status of their flight. It’s particularly valuable during periods of travel disruption and has helped us scale our digital care operation over social messaging channels. Through combining human agents with self-service through adaptive automation, Aer Lingus’ average response time has been significantly reduced."

Paul Buckley, Head of Social @ Aer Lingus Airlines


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