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Why Conversocial? Happier customers, increased efficiency. At scale.

Learn why the world's most innovative brands trust Conversocial to help
them build lasting relationships with their customers.
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The unique nature of messaging and adaptive automation unlocks the CX/Cost Equation.



Happier Customers

Be responsive to customers on their channel of choice, delivering a persistent, effortless, end-to-end service experience via messaging channels.



Increased Efficiency

Seamlessly address more customer inquiries with a faster time to resolution and lower cost to serve thanks to the adaptive automation.

Customer service executives are continually forced to choose between delivering great customer experiences or driving down costs. Not anymore.

Make customer service your competitive differentiator with Conversocial.

Turn your agents into CX superheroes with Conversocial’s Agent Workspace

Precise Answers

Precise Answers

Conversocial’s intuitive workflow matches each customer conversation to the agent or team who’s best suited to help using prioritization, routing, and intent detection with constant improvement via natural language understanding. The result, the right agent helping the right customer.

Full Conversation History

Full Conversation History

Conversocial connects the CX dots and arms agents with prior customer interaction history, notes, and context. Allowing your agents to focus on what matters, delivering great customer service for more happy and loyal customers.

Unified Context

Unified Context

Track and resolve cases across multiple messaging channels, both public and private, in one place, using Conversocial Conversations™. Why? Your customers' reach out on a multitude of channels but still expect an effortless experience.

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increase in CSAT response rate over messaging channels with an average score of 4.3/5.

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reduction in cost per resolution over other customer-facing channels such as voice and live chat.

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Scale your customer service efforts with Conversocial’s Bot Platform


Harmonious Collaboration

Conversocial Switchboard allows you to route and resolve inquiries at scale. Intelligent bots know when to resolve and when to perform a smooth, bidirectional handoff so the right automation, or the right combination of agent and bot, deliver resolutions at scale.


Bots Built Better

No more “Sorry, I didn’t understand that.” Conversocial bots are adaptive and flexible, like real agents, thanks to random access navigation (RAN), a proprietary technology for mimicking satisfying human conversation giving your customers the ability to navigate without a predefined path.


Long-lasting Relationships

Engage your customers with relevant, personalized content. Use intelligent messaging campaigns to send the right message at the right time to the right person on the right messaging app to engage and re-engage customers.

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of conversations handled via a bot without needed intervention by a human agent.

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tier-1 service bot built providing automated updates to guests on the status of their flight.

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Compare apple-to-apples for smarter business decisions with Conversocial Central Insights

Compare Apple-to-Apples

Compare Apple-to-Apples

Use our full suite of reporting tools to gauge CSAT & NPS — report on quantitative and qualitative insights like satisfaction & sentiment — all whilst comparing your messaging customer service efforts to that of your traditional channels.

Immediate Efficiency Gains

Immediate Efficiency Gains

Conversocial’s real-time agent dashboards give managers full visibility into how agents and automation perform. Manage more effectively, make decisions faster, to ensure your brands SLAs are met and your customers are happy.


Know Who’s Who

Integrate your entire support stack with the Conversocial Connect API. Pull rich, conversational histories across messaging and social channels to augment customer records and make agents more effective — delivering rich conversational history.

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Conversocial: The Customer Service Platform

built for Messaging Channels


Learn how you can make customer service your competitive differentiator.

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