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The Social Messaging Advantage 

Harness the power of Messenger customer chat as a disruptive digital customer care opportunity.


What’s inside

Customer expectations have matured, brought about by their own unquenchable demands for ease and the platforms that facilitate this ease. Welcome to the Era of Social Messaging. But what does it mean for you?

Get this best practices white paper to understand:

  • Messenger Customer Chat: A recently released capability that enables people to talk with businesses across web and Messenger.
  • Bots and Automation: How to harness the Social Messaging advantage for bot-augmented interactions.
  • Volaris Success Story: Discover how Social Messaging has delivered an 83% efficiency gain over other channels for Volaris Airlines.


sainsburysArgos volaris-2-01
“Through Conversocial, we have been able to invest in Messenger as one of our main service channels, enabling Volaris to not only improve response times, but significantly reduce costs — keeping true to our ultra low-cost business model. Being able to interact with our customers in ways our customers prefer, in real time when necessary, has significantly improved our bottom line.”

Hector Espinosa Villa Michel

General Manager, Volaris Airlines

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