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The Definitive Guide to Customer Service in the Era of Social Messaging

Our “Definitive Guide to Customer Service” is an industry renowned publication. From planning through execution and measurement, it will help your business harness the power of social messaging as a scalable and measurable operation.


What’s inside

Our 2019 Definitive Guide will help you prepare for the Era of Social Messaging with practical advice, industry best practices and corporate know-how. Get your copy to:

  • Understand the future of customer service in a digital world

  • Operationalize social messaging customer service

  • Drive a lower cost to serve and improve the CX experience 


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“With new social messaging channels opening up for business (including WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat) and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, it’s becoming easier and easier to provide an effortless customer service experience without needing to spend more money on agents. Consumers have changed - now it’s time for customer service to catch up. ”

Joshua March

CEO, Conversocial

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