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Social Messaging Volume Trends in 2018

How to Scale Digital Customer Service in the Era of Social Messaging


What’s inside

With the rise of private Social Messaging channels, and increasing consumer awareness that issues can be resolved faster through these channels, consumers are continuously choosing to use private over public. In this report learn:

  • Why customer care teams today are 10x more likely to resolve customer inquiries via private messaging than they were two years prior
  • How the rise in private messaging communication will impact your digital care strategy
  • Just why conversations using private channels have accelerated to 20x that of conversations using public channels
  • How to scale and future-proof your digital care operation in sync with consumer preferences 


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“With over 4 billion consumers already using Social Messaging apps, ask yourself what you as a business need to be able to manage these conversations at scale. With our help, you too can join the Social Messaging revolution.”

Ido Bornstein-HaCohen

Chief Operating Officer, Conversocial

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