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CX Innovation:
A Retailers' Guide to Messaging and Automation


What’s inside

Our industry e-book provides an in-depth overview of the modern consumer. It's also full of corporate best practices on how to leverage messaging and automation to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Get your copy to learn:

  • How to drive brand loyalty through customer experience

  • The most common retail queries and how to handle them

  • Example use cases for delivering CX over messaging and automation


Retail Customer Experience Pages
“Retail and messaging channels are now intrinsically, irreversibly linked and it’s up to retailers to provide the kind of experiences that consumers crave. Messaging and automation have a key role to play in this relationship management. Through the combination of humans and bots, brands are able to scale their customer-facing operations to meet the increasing demands for attentive customer engagement.”

Ido Bornstein-HaCohen

CEO, Conversocial

Get more no-nonsense best practices & insight to help shape your customer service operation!

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