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The Conversocial Airline Benchmark Report

Flying forward into the future of digital care, this edition of our report looks at who's lagging and who’s exceeding expectations at social customer care in the airline industry.


What’s inside

Read this benchmark report to:

  • Discover how the world's 20 largest airlines rank on Twitter for Social Customer Service

  • Understand the changing expectations of the digital customer and how to meet them

  • Grasp the impact that Bots and AI will have on customer service 



icelandairLogo_Navy Alaska-09 Ryanair_logo
“Over a period of 6 months, between March–August 2017, Facebook Messenger volume more than doubled for the three of Conversocial’s airline clients (compared to the previous 6-month period), and Messenger volumes saw a +10% compounded monthly growth rate. During this same period, Conversocial also measured a 50% increase in incoming volumes of Twitter DMs from airline travelers.”

Airline Benchmark Report Survey Data, 2017


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