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Introducing Conversocial Crowds




Twitter, Filtered.


Conversocial works with brands around the world to engage with customers over Twitter and other social networks to help answer queries and support issues.

You've been invited by one of those brands for a special reason. You're an expert and you've demonstrated to them such a deep expertise that they'd like to ask your help to answer queries. Not the personal stuff about accounts, bills and refunds. Just the easy stuff that takes 30 seconds of your time.

Social networks are a busy, noisy place. So we've developed a way to filter out all the questions we think someone with your expertise can answer. We'd like to invite you to keep making an impact in the community by answering questions. But now, we can save you some time. 

By using our mobile website, you can log in whenever you have a spare 5 minutes and go straight to a list of questions that have already been filtered on Twitter. Our application is built on the same trustworthy, industrial-strength platform we use in contact centers around the world.

Using it is easy, free and comes with no expectations. Here's how to start once you have an invite email

  • click and open the invitation link you received in a web browser, on your smartphone
  • you will need a google account to register
  • you will need a twitter account so you can reply to the questions
  • once you've registered and successfully added your Twitter account, you'll be taken straight to a list of questions that we've picked out from the fast flowing stream of tweets from around the world
  • find something you can answer and reply.

It's that simple. But the impact to the customer who raised the question is huge.

Be someone's hero for a day! We like to think social networks are the most powerful way to get a query resolved, quickly. Whatever the reasons you have for helping brands, we'd like to invite you to be a part of building something special.

If you have any questions, please tweet us @conversocial. We're looking forward to meeting you.