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Harness the Social Messaging Advantage

Customer care executives are continually forced to choose between delivering great customer experiences or driving down costs. Not anymore.

Highest CX

Be responsive to customers on their channel of choice, delivering a persistent, effortless, end-to-end experience via social and mobile messaging.

Lowest Cost to Serve

Seamlessly address more customer inquiries with a faster time to resolution and lower cost to serve thanks to the asynchronous nature of social messaging.

Customer Care, Uncompromised.

The unique nature of social messaging and advancements in intelligent automation unlock the CX/Cost Equation. Finally.
For Your Customer
For Your Business


Optimal Customer Experience

Messaging is increasingly the channel of choice, with customers citing messaging 4:1 less effort than voice and 2:1 less effort than email
Zero Agent Downtime

The asynchronous nature of messaging allows agents to get up to speed quickly and handle numerous conversations at once to help optimize their time.


Real-time and Asynchronous

Consumers get help on their terms, switching between real-time and non-real time dialog depending on the situation with a persistent end-to-end experience.
In-channel Case Resolution

Allow your brand to shine by quickly solving issues in-channel, with a system that analyzes, prioritizes and routes customers to the most appropriate agent.


One-to-One Service

Customers can go away and continue the conversation later at their convenience, returning to the same conversation thread and the same agent.
Rich Conversational Context

Social profiles provide identity that can easily link an inquiry to a customer record, while messaging threads help provide agents with context and intent.


Quicker Response, Faster Resolution

Optimization for common inquiries results in quicker response times and faster time to resolution for customer, ultimately driving higher customer satisfaction.
Combine Bot/Agent-assisted Service

Bot Automation & Intelligence allows brands to address a broader set of issues gracefully, focusing human agents on cases where they are needed most.

Tap into the power of Conversocial

Transform your customer care program by leveraging the unique advantages of social messaging with Conversocial.

Best Customer Experience

Positive sentiment conversion since opening up social messaging channels for customer service with Conversocial
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Lowest Cost-to-Serve

Reduction in cost per resolution over other customer-facing channels such as voice and live chat
When looking for a platform partner, we wanted someone who matched our brand values and truly addressed our customer's needs.

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Turn digital customer care into your competitive differentiator.
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