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The Social Maturity Index

Chapter 5: #SocialFirst™


“You have arrived...for now.”

Investment: High Innovation: High


  • Maintaining the right balance of Investment and Innovation to retain #SocialFirst™ status


  • Early adoption of new products and channels

  • Further integrations for even fuller view of the customer and increased optimization

  • Focus on proactive customer service for the ‘low hanging’ revenue of Social Customer Care

“Social Customer Care is more than just answering questions. It should be used as a tactic for driving real engagement, deep customer relationships, and a customer experience focused business strategy.”

—Joshua March, Conversocial CEO

#SocialFirstYou may be #SocialFirst if you:

  • Employ best-in-class solutions for all Social Media endeavors

  • Create an atmosphere that encourages your team of agents to ‘kill the script’ and no longer using canned responses

  • Promote early adoption to new social channels such as Facebook Messenger and CROWDS

  • Proactively engage with your customers on Social, listening to relevant conversations and using social insights to impact your business decisions

Here’s to the Social Champions

Brands who have fully bought into the value and necessity of Social Customer Service understand the transforming effect of these channels. You see it’s not just about responding and providing resolution, truly #SocialFirst™ brands have learned to adapt the insights from Social to impact all of their service channels.

Social Care vs. Customer Service by Phone

The secret to #SocialFirst success - Integrations

A best-in-class Social Media Customer Service solution is the first step to scaling and innovating your Social service, but there are so many ways to get your Social machine performing to its full potential to influence the rest of your business.

  • CRM Integration - Full Customer Experience

    The most important integration for #SocialFirst™ Customer Service is a connection to your Customer Relationship Software (CRM). By importing engagement and resolution data into your CRM, you are creating a single view of the customer.

    These insights are also fed back into your Social Care platform so that you can engage with your customers more as a trusted friend and less like a cold corporation that doesn’t value their loyalty or understand their journey.

  • Social Listening - Customer Insights

    Learn what your customers and prospects are talking about with a best-in-class Social Listening tool. Never miss a relevant mention again with a tool that scours every corner of the public web as it happens. Get a deeper understanding of your social data to discover the customer queries buried in blogs, forums and news sites. Don’t just listen in for business insights, but also discover your ‘Social Tribe’ of brand advocates and relevant partners who are championing your cause.

  • Social Engagement - Social Marketing Management

    Social Engagement tools are a sort of record for all marketing done across social channels. This gives you a clear picture of your brand’s voice on Social, helping you plan messaging, schedule content and develop creatively. Your marketing can get a leg up on creation, distribution and analysis all in one place.

  • Proactively search for opportunities to engage with interested prospects. Every time your brand receives an indirect mention, you can proactively discover these conversations and get the full context for more optimized Social Engagement.

    Read how Audi’s #SocialFirst proactive engagement sold a car

22 million questions were asked on Facebook and Twitter in 2014.

—Volume of Social Customer Care, Socialbakers, 2015

Social Backsliding, A Cautionary Tale

Not to take away from the feat of moving your organization to that upper right quadrant in the Social Maturity Index, but this is in no way a guarantee at performance. Complacency is the number one #SocialFirst™ killer. Creativity must thrive in your organization in order to continue to surprise and delight these customer-owned channels.


As Social Media Customer Service channels continue to evolve in order to better support the resolution-minded customer generation, your brand will have to be early adopters and flexible partners. Technological advances are happening at a lightning pace and if your brand is to integrate new channels to your Social Media Customer Care, you will creep closer to that baseline of innovation.

Read how Sprint saw vast volumes on Facebook Messenger after launch


By the same token, #SocialFirst™ Customer Care teams are finding themselves in the position where their customers are learning to lean on social channels for support, which is forcing a very fast scaling process for these brands. Once you have built the Social trust equity with your customers, failing to build out the right time as engagement grows will undo all of your good work.

Read how Bank of Montreal scaled their Social Media Customer Service

Conversely, scaling too quickly can be equally detrimental to your brand. Maturity doesn’t happen overnight and without proper planning or intelligently structured processes, you can find yourself in a bigger mess than when you began.

Do you have a #SocialFirst™ story to tell? Perhaps you realize that you still have a ways to go until you reach full maturity. Let our team give you the support you need in order to upgrade your Social Media Customer Service.

“Even a great brand needs investment and caring if it’s going to retain its relevance and vitality.”

—Steve Jobs, Apple Founder

Think your brand is #SocialFirst™?

Take our quiz to find out how socially mature your brand's customer service is.

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