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The Social Maturity Index

Chapter 4: Contenders


“Introducing the Social Challenger.”

Investment: Low Innovation: High


  • Lack of budget or lack of control of budget

  • Marketing focused Social Media initiatives

  • Need help proving value of Social Customer Care to executives who are not #SocialFirst™


  • Hardest part is already done, you have a #SocialFirst™ strategy

  • Full investment will have dramatic impact on bottom line

  • Already cultivating brand advocates - with investment comes scale

“Every department deals with customers in some way. And it doesn’t mean one giant franken-software trying to do everything for everyone. Every company is different, and there’s a reason that different departments exist.”

—Paul Johns, Conversocial CMO

ContenderYou may be a Contender if:

  • Your social initiatives are outsourced or run by marketing

  • There are many ‘small’ Social heroes in your company but less executive buy-in

  • You have created your own reporting, but are not measuring success clearly

  • Risk taking is easy, getting recognition is the challenge

Be More than a Contender

Contenders more often than not find themselves stuck between a Social rock and a hard place within their organization. Perhaps you have a small team of #SocialFirst™ minded champions who see the value of Social Media Customer Service, realize the importance of a strong social strategy and are gungho to make it happen for your brand. Without the keys to the budget, however, this team of Contenders is left with a clever hustle, an unscalable Social Customer Care program and little recognition for the A+ effort.

The challenge facing Contenders is unique. You must navigate the constructs of the hierarchy of your organization. The missing piece of the puzzle can be likened to a course on company politics, as garnering support and learning to market your own initiatives internally are really what can help move the dial on the Maturity Index to fully #SocialFirst™.

Don’t get it twisted, Contenders are often the Social underdogs, who have such a significant hustle and swag to their Social, that even without the necessary budget, they are making a big impact for their Social, Mobile customers. You will recognize them as a small dedicated team, who maybe win awards, maybe capture headlines, but for sure capture their customers’ loyalty.

The Investment Predicament

Breakthrough on budgetary issues is necessary and the best way to achieve this is through strategy and bottom line, figures clearly representing the impact of Social. Changing mindsets on Social is not an easy task, but when showing correlation between resolution on social channels and brand sentiment, customer satisfaction and more, your C Suite will get onboard the Social train and fast.

“It’s about real communication, planning, relationships. About comprehensive projects that look across the customer journey and factor in every department.”

—Joshua March, Conversocial CEO

From Contender to #SocialFirst™

Unlocking the budgetary constraints of your organization.

Here are some steps to help you transition from the budget rut, to a #SocialFirst™ brand, not only ‘doing’ Social, but scaling your Social Customer Service.

  • Be a Social Showoff

    Contenders are already putting their blood, sweat and hashtags into their Social Customer Care. Now it’s time to use the same precision and confidence to bring attention to your endeavors. Be your own advocate and attract attention to all of the great things you are already doing on Social.

  • Highlight Hard Numbers

    The best way to win executive buy-in is by showing the direct impact your current social ventures are having on your business’ bottom line. With social channels maturing at an unprecedented rate, that is becoming easier than ever.

    Read about Twitter's Customer Feedback feature.

  • Go Big or Go Home

    Contenders who teeter on the decision of investment are at high risk to regress back to the Observer quadrant. Since your Social care is riding on the backs of a few dedicated team members, manpower turnover or structural changes within the organization can wipe your initiatives very suddenly. Make your case, because there might be more at stake than you realize.

  • Play Well With Others

    Another way to champion your Social cause is to choose a solution that can easily integrate with your other Social solutions. Marketing will value your service intiative even more when your best-in-class Social Customer Service platform can easily integrate with their social tool of choice.

    Read how best-in-class Social solutions integrate seamlessly.

  • Elevate the Conversation

    Customers’ preference of Social for Customer Service isn’t merely a passing fad. As Millennials and this Social, mobile generation take their rightful place in society solving issues on the channels they trust the most will become more and more commonplace.

    Don’t be satisfied with second best at Social. Let our team at Conversocial walk beside you and help you upgrade your social strategies to #SocialFirst™ levels.

89% expect the same quality and efficiency of response on any channel, including Social Media.

—LiveOps Research by Harris Interactive, March 2013

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Chapter 5

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