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The Social Maturity Index

Chapter 2: Observers


"Hello are you there?"

Investment: Low Innovation: Low


  • Cross company buy-in value of Social Customer Service

  • Lackluster integration of Social Customer Service into greater service ecosystem

  • Software not built for ‘best-in-class’

  • Company regulation choking out progress


  • Only way to go is up - your customers are waiting

  • Instead of rebuilding broken social processes, a chance to start fresh/correctly

  • Reposition brand as early adopter to social channels (even if volumes don’t indicate need)

71% of customers desire faster issue resolution, citing their biggest frustration as being put on hold when contacting customer service.

—Accenture “Customer-as-a-Service” research

ObserverYou may be an Observer if you are:

  • In an industry with high barriers for Social activity because of strict regulations

  • Using a lightweight tool to “manage Social” but it’s not service focused

  • Social is seen primarily as a content promotion channel

Ode to the Observer

Perhaps you’re a marketing purist on Social Media, using this channel as the trumpeter announcing every newsworthy moment at your company, marketing campaign and self-promotion notion your brand may have. Or it’s possible that the tools you have employed are just not able to do what you want to do in the way you want to do it.

Regardless of your ‘internal Social Media battle’, your lack of innovation and paltry investment have created such a wedge between you and the social/mobile generation that you are almost like the old man on the porch, watching the world go by and waiting for someone to trip over your rake before you get up from your rocker.

Maybe that was a bit dramatic, but not really. You see:

  • 70% of Facebook users log on daily

  • 43% of Facebook users log on several times a day

  • 59% of Instagram users log on daily

  • 38% of Twitter users log on daily

Pew Research

Not to mention that Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that Americans spend an average of 40 minutes per day on Facebook. That is an awful lot of ex stalking, baby photo liking and service ranting for just one channel.

Unlike Social’s predecessors, like chat, phone and email, Social is driven by the customer and for the customer. The customer decides the channel, determines the time and declares whether your Social Customer Care is up to snuff or not.

Don’t sit there silently

You can assert your place in the conversation, while still providing an excellent customer service. The only other option is a playground for crises and missteps to take over your feed, muddy your brand image and give the competition an open door to steal away your customers and prospects with the same effort it takes to pry a lolly from a newborn.

It’s not too late

The truth is that there’s still hope, even for the most passive brands, provided they arm themselves with the right technology, innovative strategy and smart support. To make the shift from Passive to Active engagement, first determine which axis you want to tackle first–Innovation or Investment.


The Scrappy Initiative

Depending on support from your executive leadership, it may be best to tackle the holes in your Social Innovation to begin with. By adopting new channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and even queueing up to be an early adopter of Twitter’s DM and Customer Feedback features, you can easily propel yourself forward on the X axis of Innovation.


The Tried and True

By investing in the right tools, and the right training to prepare your team to be #SocialFirst™, you will quickly accumulate market and competitive benchmarking data to prove your business case. This can then easily incorporate more innovative strategies that include not only new channels, but highly effective Social strategies to go beyond satisfaction and into the realm of delight for your customers and audience.

“Social Service can be an amazingly powerful way to fix a broken customer experience in-the-moment -- but only if you understand the context of their interaction.”

—Paul Johns, Conversocial CMO

From Observer to #SocialFirst™

Building a Case for Better Social Customer Care

Whether you intend to first tackle the innovation or investment gaps in your Social Customer Care operation, these 7 practical steps will help you begin strategizing internally and aligning methodology to prepare the way for your #SocialFirst™ future.

  • Audit Your Team

    The more information you gather, the stronger you can build your strategy. Set up meetings and speak to all of the stakeholders across your business. Understand what their needs are, how Social Customer Care can benefit them and what level of involvement they can commit to and what is needed to make it happen. Is it likely that you’ll face stringent process or bureaucracy for the initiative? Figure that out now and create a plan to overcome it.

  • Assess Current Social Customer Experience

    Take an assessment of the kind of inquiries you are currently getting on social channels. Also, what currently happens when a customer reaches out on Social? Are there too many hoops (rechanneling, waiting time, effort required) for your customers in order to find resolution? How is it managed?

  • Discover Your Champions

    Just like any new endeavor you may tackle in your company, you need buy-in from your colleagues and superiors. Specifically recruit your social advocates internally and get them aboard the #SocialFirst™ agenda. Be strategic, and find a candidate who can bring the right attention to your cause and this initiative.

  • Cultivate Your Tribe

    As you begin raising internal buy-in, start assessing the best way to build your team. Will you promote existing contact center agents or hire externally? Is PR or Marketing currently managing your social channels? Get into the conversation and get your entire team onboard.

  • * Need help with building your business case? Contact one of our #SocialFirst experts, or browse Case Studies from some of our own #SocialFirst customers.

67% of people go to Social for help, not marketing content.

—JD Power and Associates

  • Build Your Case

    The bottom line is still what will help your case internally. Start looking at key measures/KPIs of your customer care such as Average Handling Time (AHT), First Response Time, Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) and Very Satisfied Customer Scores (VSAT).

  • Create a Vision

    Get inspiration from other companies that are both resolving their customer issues in channel and creating positive brand sentiment. Even if it’s a brand outside your industry, it can help tremendously. Create a quarterly and a year end vision for your company and then create a step-by-step plan for execution.

  • Define the following:

    • What tone of voice best mirrors your brand identity?

    • How do you align your marketing and customer care?

    • How do you attain first contact resolution?

  • Start Evaluating Technologies

    Once you have your vision in place, it’s time to start evaluating which technology can help you achieve your goals. Social Media marketing tools can offer many resources for promoting content and blasting social channels with your messages, but what about your customers? Maybe the reason why your Social Care is suffering is because you are using the equivalent of a spoon to eat a steak. Empower your Social Customer Service with a best-in-class solution that can help you scale as your customers mature and defer more and more to their favorite service channel–Social.

  • Design Urgency

    Urgency is created through timelines, schedules and implementation plans. This can be overwhelming, but the good news is we’re here to help: Conversocial has a dedicated team of experts to stand together with your brand and help you forge a clear path to Social Care that is scalable, resolution focused and human.

“Active mobile social accounts increased by 23% last year. That’s 313 million more connected consumers.”

—We Are Social, Digital, Social & Mobile Worldwide in 2015

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