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What to Look for in a Social Customer Service Solution


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Delivering customer service over social media presents an opportunity to delight customers and improve brand reputation, while significantly reducing the cost per interaction. At the same time, the public nature of social media carries a number of unique challenges, and minimizes the margin for error. An effective, secure, and scalable social customer service program starts with a dedicated solution that provides:

  • Context: Social customer service software needs to provide prior interaction history to give agents full context of the customer’s issue. Threaded conversations of both private and public messages gives your agents more information about the customer’s outreach, resulting in more educated engagement and issue resolution.
  • Prioritization: Social media is full of noise, making it difficult for agents to identify sensitive issues that matter to your organization. Ensure your social customer service software applies intelligent prioritization to incoming messages, enabling agents to respond to ‘higher risk’ issues first.
  • Real-time analytics: Real-time analytics are key to continually monitoring the SLA and KPI attainment of agents, as well as providing an early indicator for issues that might require involvement of other departments. Additionally, social customer service software should provide historical insights into trends over time to deliver actionable insight for your business.
  • Security: Regardless of industry, comprehensive safeguards need to be in place to ensure information security and regulatory compliance. Look for a software that provides role-based permissions, an approval workflow, IP locking and a fully searchable, exportable archive.  
  • Integration: In order to achieve a single view of the customer, it is vital to choose a social customer service software with a full set of APIs, which allows you to surface social information through your CRM systems and contact center technologies.
  • Proactive customer service: Brands using tools that only process @mentions are likely to miss service issues, or potential sales opportunities. A tool that provides proactive searches over social media will broaden your scope for engagement, meaning you don’t miss out on valuable conversation opportunities. 
  • Workflow: With the high incoming message volume social brings, agents and managers need to work seamlessly to balance workload and avoid duplication of effort. Choose a social customer service software that enables you to add a layer of automation, providing a smart workflow for large-scale customer service teams, and empowering your agents to deliver better and faster social customer service.
  • Expertise: Choose a social customer service partner capable of helping you implement a scalable operation that aligns with business requirements and industry best practices.
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