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We understand that responding is not the same as resolving.

    “Fostering positive conversations with social customers & delivering real resolution has seen us become a brand people actually like talking to."

    David Tull, Customer Engagement Manager, JackThreads

    Social Resolution

    Exceeding expectations

    Your social customers’ expectations have increased, but has your social media marketing tool evolved with them? In addition to compelling content on social, your customers now also demand in-the-moment resolution. We recognize that traditional social media marketing tools might have met your engagement needs before, but we can help you exceed customer expectations with a fully integrated solution purpose-built to achieve resolution.

    Integrated contact center environment

    Maximize your investment

    Augment your current marketing tool with a best-in-class customer engagement solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your unified social strategy. Empower both Customer service and Marketing with the dedicated tools they need to deliver a unified customer experience:

    • Accelerate both teams with the most effective tool, workflows and analytics.
    • Sync social customer care data with social marketing data to build cohesive customer profiles.
    • Streamline internal collaboration to process complex customer service issues and brand engagement interactions.
    • Fully unlock social media as both a powerful service channel and a branding channel.


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    Helping the world's most customer service-focused companies embrace social media

    • Publishers Clearing House
    • First Great Western
    • Barclaycard
    • Haven Holidays
    • Hertz
    • Google
    • Volkswagen
    • Tesco
    • University of Phoenix

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