Facilitate two-way bi-directional
handoffs between bots and agents
all within a single platform.

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Conversocial Switchboard

Do you use Facebook’s HOP and wish it worked across every platform? Now it does.

Introducing Switchboard by Conversocial.

Complete Control of the Conversation

Complete Control
of the Conversation

Conversocial Switchboard tethers bot and agent environments with an industry-leading approach in handover protocols for all private messaging channels. Thus your brand can apply a uniform approach to bot-human handoff across WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, etc. This means your brand can seamlessly integrate agent-assisted service & bot-based automation in a single conversation, facilitated by smooth bi-directional handoffs with historical context.


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Discover how Conversocial will help your business deliver better customer experiences over messaging channels by enabling agents and bots all from a single platform.



Enable Skill-Based
Purpose-Driven Bots

Agent Assist allows human agents to dispatch skill-based or purpose-driven bots to collect information or complete transactions. Virtual assistants return the conversation to the human agent once it completes the task, summarizing what it accomplished in the thread. Switchboard means at any point during a conversation, a human agent can pass control of the dialog to Agent Assist to perform a task on behalf of the agent.


Streamline Handovers with Queues and Issue Tags

Conversocial supports a “Handover step” in bot conversations which maps to Queues + Tags for accurate routing. This gives brands granular control around hand-off routing and tagging is built into every step of a Conversocial Bot.


Two Steps vs Twenty Steps

To do messaging well, you need both bots + humans all from a single platform. Human efforts need to be focused on situations that require empathy. Bots are tireless, always available, but can’t deliver emotion + flexibility (yet). Combining humans + bots in a single channel removes the limitations of each. Conversocial Switchboard allows brands to do just this, all from a single platform in just two steps.

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