Scale your customer conversations over private messaging channels

Our Bots are built to consign “Sorry, I don’t understand” to the past.

CX Bots


Solutions to enable your brand to transform messaging channels into dynamic customer experiences that shift based on conversational intent:

Reduce inbound tickets with FAQ chatbots

Why keep your customers waiting? Automation is not only more cost-effective for your business but also allows brands to deflect customers from traditional channels to more efficient private messaging apps that help customers find what they’re looking for faster.

No more “Sorry, I don't understand."

Conversocial bots are adaptive and flexible, allowing for dynamic conversational experiences driven by Random Access Navigation (RAN) — a proprietary technology giving customers the ability to navigate through intent and interaction history without a predefined path, meaning that ”Sorry, I don’t understand” is consigned to the past.

Scale and simplify your marketing and customer service

With Conversational CX bots — built for every stage of your customers’ journey — you can build unique experiences driven by automation. From WISMO (where is my order) to Click-to-Messenger Ads, and Augmented Reality to Appointment Bookings, our Conversational CX bots are built to create dynamic and immersive customer experiences.

Enable seamless bot to agent handoffs

Conversocial’s Switchboard powers intelligent bots that know when to resolve and when to perform a smooth bi-directional handoff so the right automation, or the right combination of human agent and bot deliver resolutions at scale within the same conversation.


With Conversational Bots, you can…
Engage lifecycle
Engage throughout the customer lifecycle
Use Conversocial’s Notify to send the right message, at the right time, to the right person, on the right messaging channel to engage customers. Develop lasting, 1-1 customer relationships from helping customers make purchase decisions all the way to post-purchase engagement.
Impact CX
Prove their impact on your CX
With robust analytics of the conversational funnel from inbound volume, bot engagement, containment, agent handover, and agent effectiveness, the insights you need to fully understand the impact of your messaging engagement strategy are at your fingertips.
Lean on our expertise
At Conversocial, our singular focus is to help brands deliver better Conversational CX over messaging channels, while improving brand efficiency and customer loyalty. We have a team of expert conversational designers to help you make this a reality.

The Conversational CX Platform

Build relationships with your customers’ for life with the Conversocial Platform.

Agent Workspace

Use Conversocial’s Agent Workspace to increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by delivering simple, seamless customer support.


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Use Conversocial Notify to acquire more customers and drive commerce through unique and memorable customer experiences – driven by automation.


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Central Insights

Use Conversocial Insights to measure your performance against your brands KPIs, make data-driven business decisions and spot signals in the conversational noise.


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“On Facebook Messenger, we were able to handle 50% of customer conversations with automation alone. This success means we want to go further. We want to build conversational experiences that improve our customers’ brand experience.”
“The thing I really love about Conversocial…is what I get from the team. To have a team who are reactive, responsive, and innovative with the level of agility we have experienced over the past nine or ten years is phenomenal. I've had the opportunity to work with very many vendors over that time and let me tell you how unique that is.”

Use Conversocial to drive frictionless experiences at every stage of your customer’s journey.


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How automation inspired Freshly’s rethink of CX delivery in 2021

How automation inspired Freshly’s rethink of CX delivery in 2021

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