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Bot Platform

Scale your customer service
efforts on messaging channels.

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Use adaptive automation to deliver effortless
customer service at scale

Utilize the power of bots & AI to improve agent efficiency and drive meaningful 1:1 relationships with customers.

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Bot Driven Messaging

Allow bots to resolve high volume queries and handover the conversation to human agents when necessary.


Automation that Works

Intelligent automation provides a seamless and timely customer service experience which improves brand CSAT scores.


Simple to Scale

Continuously evaluate, adapt and improve automation processes to meet the demands of increasing inbound volume.

Scale your customer service efforts on messaging channels with Conversocial’s Bot Platform

Random Access Navigation

No more “Sorry, I don't understand."

Conversocial bots are adaptive and flexible, allowing for dynamic conversational experiences driven by Random Access Navigation (RAN) — a proprietary technology — giving customers the ability to navigate through intent and interaction history without a predefined path.

Seamless Bot to Agent Handoff

Seamless Bot to Agent Handoff

Conversocial Switchboard powers intelligent bots to know when to resolve and when to perform a smooth, seamless bidirectional handoff so the right automation, or the right combination of human agent and bot, deliver resolutions at scale within the same conversation thread.

Efficient Self-service for Customers

A More Efficient Self-service
Flow for Customers

Automation allows brands to deflect customers from traditional channels to more efficient messaging apps that help customers find what they’re looking for faster, and is more cost-effective for your business.

Customer Catch Up

Long-lasting Customer Relationships

Use Notify to build lifelong customer relationships that drive loyalty and long-term revenue through intelligent messaging to keep customers engaged long after their first purchase.

Transform your customer service operation through the power of messaging with the platform purpose-built for the needs of the modern contact center.

“Messaging service channels are central to our strategy at Aer Lingus, so we were excited to partner with Conversocial on the development of our tier-1 service bot. The bot provides automated updates to guests on the status of their flight. It’s particularly valuable during periods of travel disruption, and has helped us scale our digital care operation over social messaging channels. Through combining human agents with self-service through adaptive automation, Aer Lingus’ average response time has been significantly reduced”

Paul Buckley

Head of Social, Aer Lingus Airlines

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...that’s helped our customers reduce customer service costs by up to 30% whilst increasing NPS by 21%

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