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Agent Workspace

Turn your agents into customer
service superheroes.

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Empower your agents to deliver
exceptional customer service

Make customers happier and improve efficiency with the customer service platform built for messaging channels and automation.

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Born for Messaging

The Conversocial platform is built from the ground up to maximize the effectiveness of messaging channels and automation.


Adaptive Automation

Harmonious collaboration between bot and agent, through adaptive automation, means customer resolutions are delivered at scale.


Enterprise Scale

Powering millions of conversations with top-tier security and reliability for the most demanding support environments.

Hyperscale your team's efficiency with
Conversocial's Agent Workspace


Fully Automated Inbound Handling

Our intelligent, rules-based routing system and prioritization engine ensures that relevant conversations — based on identity and full conversational context — get distributed to the best individual or team, based on a fully customized workflow.

Zero Agent Down Time

Zero Agent Down-time

Conversocial's proprietary Play Mode — an automatic content distributor which eliminates all need for manual triage — fully automates case distribution to focus your agents on the right conversations.

Fully Automated

Customizable Conversation Inboxes

Queue customer content and permissions based on your agent skill set not channel. This enables you to align forecasting, resource planning and report in real-time on your customer service operation.


Integrated Bot & Human
Assisted Service

Conversocial provides the unique ability to seamlessly integrate agent-assisted service & bot-based automation in a single conversation, facilitated by smooth bi-directional handoffs with historical context.

Transform your customer service operation through the power of messaging with the platform purpose-built for the needs of the modern contact center.

“Conversocial’s intelligence, automation and workflow truly enables us to exceed our service benchmarks while allowing us to address a broader range of customer inquiries.”

Chris Tomlinson

Customer Management Centre, Sainsbury’s Argos

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...that’s helped our customers reduce customer service costs by up to 30% whilst increasing NPS by 21%

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