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Social Customer Service

The unique nature of social messaging and advancements in intelligent automation are turning forward thinking brands into CX heroes.

Drive Lower Cost-to-Serve

Messaging yields agent efficiency gains that saves money
Conversations per Month
Average Response (min.)

Drive Higher Customer Satisfaction

Responsiveness via messaging channels improves CSAT
Satisfaction Rating
Response to CSAT Survey
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Fact: high customer effort leads to high disloyalty

$12.2B Spent last year on customer care technology.*
Yet, 66% Consumers have switched brands because of poor service**

Welcome to Customer Care, Uncompromised.

Transform your digital customer care program into a competitive differentiator through the power of social messaging with Conversocial.


Prioritize, engage & track issue resolution with robust case management capabilities built for the nuances of social messaging.
  • Case management features allow customers to leverage the power of Conversocial Conversations™, a proprietary method for unifying public and private messaging threads, within the familiar context of customer support cases.
  • Providing contact center managers with apple-to-apple comparisons of case resolution performance between social messaging channels and compare social alongside traditional channels.


Automate interactions & seamlessly route customers to the best solution.
  • Helps the consumer access help content or agents faster by allowing brands to direct consumers to the right agent or address inquiries in-channel automatically.
  • Cand integrate bot’s into social customer support channels, allowing for even more efficient and personalized handling of inbound support requests between both bots and human agents.


Measure the strength of your customer relationships and take action to improve the customer experience.
  • A full suite of features to gauge CSAT, NPS and sentiment conversion within social messaging threads across both Twitter and Messenger.
  • Reporting dashboards providing brands with both quantitative and qualitative insights around customer satisfaction and consumer sentiment.


Incorporate social care data into your organization’s existing CRM to create a 360° view of customers.
  • Conversocial API allows today’s digital support teams can create a unified customer engagement hub via tight integration between best-of-breed social messaging and existing CRM platforms
We’re not at the end of our social journey by any means, but we feel with that, with Conversocial, we have taken the first important step in modernizing our service offering.
Customer Services Operations Manager

Customer Care, Uncompromised.

Transform your customer care program into a competitive differentiator through the power of social messaging.
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