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Conversocial helps brands engage with their customers, and acquire new ones, on Instagram Messages.

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Instagram Messages

Turn Instagram Messages into a new performance marketing channel, driven by two-way communication.

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide with 150 million people engaging with a business on Instagram every month.

Instagram opens up additional opportunities for businesses to reach more audiences. There are 1bn monthly active users who come to Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about.


Reach a younger more affluent audience

As of October 2020, 33% of Instagram’s global users are aged between 25 and 34 years. In total, over two-thirds of total Instagram audiences are aged 34 years and younger.


Engage across the buyer journey

Inspired by images on Instagram’s feed and stories, people explore meaningful conversations with businesses throughout the customer journey from visual discovery and pre-purchase inquiries, to post purchase services and advocacy.


Collaborate internally to maximize CX

Easily route different messages to the correct teams at each stage of a buyer’s journey, ensuring marketing or sales are only handling conversations relevant to them.

Leverage the native customer engagement capabilities of Instagram Messages:

Quicker Engagement, Happier Customers

Quicker Engagement, Happier Customers

Brands can now respond to Instagram DMs, story tags, and comments directly within the Conversocial Agent Workspace, providing seamless and convenient experiences for consumers and improved brand efficiency. Whats more, Instagram Messages is packed with service-rich features. For example, Quick Replies present the customer with a set of buttons in-conversation for the user to reply with. Whereas Ice Breakers — that appear when a customer interacts with your brand via messaging — present to the customer a brand defined menu of frequently asked questions. Both improving the customer experience and issue resolution time.

Instagram Messaging Customer Service

Drive Commerce Across the Customer Lifecycle

Facebook has packed Instagram with a host of sales and marketing capabilities. The most notable is Instagram Shop, a mobile-first shopping experience that allows businesses to easily create online and customizable storefronts on Instagram. Checkouts on Instagram also allows businesses to sell their products directly. Consumers can purchase products that they discover securely and seamlessly using Facebook Pay, without leaving the app.

Instagram Shops & Commerce
Deliver bot and human-powered CX

Unified Conversational CX

Messaging allows customers to begin conversations when and where it's convenient for them, pausing when needed, and seamlessly picking up where they left off, just as they would when texting friends or family. Soon they will be able to do this over different messaging apps also. With Messenger and Instagram messages on the same platform, it is even easier to connect with brands, no matter what app you use.

Unified Conversational CX

Conversocial is a beta developer partner working with Facebook to provide these personalized, scalable experiences on Instagram. Reach out to our team today to get started.

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