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Google's Business Messages

Conversocial helps businesses convert costly voice and chat conversations into efficient messaging threads via Business Messages.

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2.5 Billion Daily Opportunities to Delight Customers and Prospects with Business Messages.

2.49 billion searches happen on Google every day*. When customers need help or prospects have a question, what do they do? They "Google it". Business Messages offers a better way to start the conversation than phone and chat.


Move to messaging, and away from phone/chat
Embedded into Google’s organic and local search results, Business Messages provides unprecedented opportunities to deflect more costly channels to messaging.


Personalized Engagement
Users can opt-in to share their name and location, allowing brands to deliver a more personalized messaging experience, with rich opportunities to re-engage.


Native CSAT measurement
Business Messages supports native CSAT surveys to help brands, and customers, gauge the quality of the messaging customer experience.


Address a global audience
With localization options in nearly 100 languages and native support for 2.5B daily active Android devices worldwide, Business Messages has got you covered.

Leverage the native customer engagement capabilities of Google’s Business Messages:

2.5 billion Android devices

Offer messaging at the beginning of the customer journey

Seamlessly serve more than 2.5 billion Google Android devices worldwide with Business Messages. Provide users a seamless path to engage with your brand, allowing rich, asynchronous messaging conversations to be initiated from Google Maps, Google Search results or from your brand website.

Less calls, Less chats, yet higher CSAT

Fewer calls, Fewer chats, and better CSAT.

Consumers prefer messaging, but brands’ phone numbers are the first thing they see while searching for answers. Business Messages intercepts these expensive calls and chats with highly visible “message” buttons that shift volume away from expensive channels like voice and chat while improving the customer experience.

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Deliver bot and human-powered CX

Deliver bot and human-powered CX

Business Messages brings together the best of both worlds: rich UI and NLU integration options for self-service bots, with clear paths to a live human agent. Allow customers to get answers or complete tasks quickly and conveniently with messaging experiences that increase customer satisfaction.


Want to learn more about Business Messages as a customer engagement channel for your brand? Reach out to our team.

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* comScore - July 2020  /   Mary Meeker, Bond Partners; Internet Trends - 2019