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For the mobile-minded customer:

Facebook Messenger Social Customer Care

1-to-1, innovative customer conversations

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Introducing new capabilities designed to deliver an incredible customer experience on the most demanding social and mobile channels, with scale and efficiency.

Conversocial | Resolution Managment

Facebook Messenger Support

Offer your customers a continuous thread of conversations with real-time, personal interactions that span every point in the customer journey: from purchase, confirmation, to support. As many social customers now prefer private conversations, the format has changed from mass venting sessions on social, to meaningful engagements seeking help and resolution.

“Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and CEO, Facebook

Become Your Customer's Trusted Contact

There are certain interactions that customers can find painful. Ever changed an airline ticket? Complicated processes for most of these already unpleasant queries doesn't help. Go to a website, create an account, follow the email thread...this is the epitome of effort for the mobile-minded customer who has the world at her fingertips.

Facebook Messenger Customer Care removes the effort from your customer relationships, decreases the constant barrage of service emails and puts the entire customer relationship in context in one thread - perfectly suited for our mobile first culture.

Conversocial | Resolution Managment

"Every 20 minutes on Facebook 3 million messages are sent."

Statistic Brain

Ignite conversations that create meaningful relationships

  • Share order confirmations and shipping status updates “in-the-moment” with mobile push notifications.
  • Create a secure environment with Facebook Messenger’s encryption to keep private interactions safe.
  • Respond to free-form questions -like a trusted friend. Agents see customers typing and customers see agent typing.
  • Support customer correspondence with relevant images and videos to make 1-on-1 communication real and relevant.

Humanize your social interactions, engage with your customers on the platform that has become the social fabric of social media.

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