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Conversocial's Extend Package

Exceed expectations with
your social customer service.

Build a cohesive social strategy

Every engagement with your brand should be consistent and meaningful for your customers - they expect nothing less. Achieve a best-in-class approach to serving your social customer with a comprehensive view of your customers and business, across all channels. Build a cohesive social strategy with our Extend package. Fully integrate your social customer data into other platforms for a full view of your business.

Prevent fragmented data

Conversocial helps leading brands to adopt purpose-built capabilities for a fully integrated contact center. This prevents fragmented silos that degrade customer experience and increase customer effort. #SocialFirst service model can be yours, by integrating our platform into your contact center.

"We exceed our customers’ expectations with quick responses and resolution for all their banking enquiries on social."

Alan Cronin, Social Media Manager, Allied Irish Banks

Make informed operational improvements

  • Connect your agents’ workflow with other applications used in the contact center.
  • Display relevant information and customer interactions from other systems within the Conversocial platform.
  • Share unified data across your organization to break silos and make informed customer experience and operational improvements.

Extend contact beyond the center

Whether from your contact center representatives or community experts, your customers crave useful and timely resolutions. Conversocial give you the tools to empower  your passionate and knowledgeable advocates. Transform your social ambassadors into valuable, measurable and manageable Crowd Experts. CROWDS facilitates conversations between your social customers, contact center agents and Crowd Experts to achieve a unified, true service resolution.

Package features Engage Evolve Extend
Integrations with key social networks
Core workflow
Core analytics
Businesses on Messenger integration
Analytics (real-time dashboards & historic reports)
Outbound publishing
Priority Keyword Lists
Twitter Feedback surveys
Customer Profiles (customer level notes, tags, annotations)
Resolution Management
PLAY (Play mode, automation & teams)
Quality Control (approval workflow, IP locking)
Priority Response Engine
Channel API Integrations
Pro-active Searches (Twitter & Instagram) 1+ 3+ 5+

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