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Move to Messaging.

Get started right away.

Make Your Contact Center Remote within 24 Hours with our Messaging Starter Bundle.

We looked hard at ways we can help businesses and brands during these challenging times; here's what we are doing to help...

To alleviate the strain on your contact center, we’ve removed any internal barriers to ensure you can get you up and running on messaging channels within just 24 hours.

  • Setup your agents on messaging channels to handle 5x the number of conversations than if they were speaking with customers over the phone.

  • Give your team access to Conversocial from anywhere allowing you the flexibility to operate as a remote team.

Our Messaging Starter Bundle includes:

Messaging Channels

Messaging Access

Five seats for agent access covering Messenger, WhatsApp, and Apple Business Chat (once approved).


Volume Management

An FAQ Bot to address your customers' five most frequently asked questions to help volume management.

Fast Track

Swift Onboarding

One day of close consultation with Professional Services to fast-track your operation.

Get more no-nonsense best practices & insight to help shape your customer experience operation!

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