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26 Jun 2018 |  | 4 min read

Message Volume Trends Across Private and Public Channels - Part II

Customer care teams today are 10 times more likely to resolve customer inquiries via a private channel, like Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM, than they were two years prior.
21 Jun 2018 |  | 5 min read

Message Volume Trends Across Private and Public Channels - Part I

From a customer’s perspective, private messaging is simpler, more intuitive, and more flexible than public. Not to mention, messaging apps today are practically ubiquitous and incredibly easy to access.
19 Jun 2018 |  | 4 min read

Why do Some Businesses Struggle to Adapt to Digital Customer Care?

Social Messaging isn’t just the future. It’s profitable at present, but especially so if it’s implemented thoughtfully. Brands must offer outstanding digital experiences, write down their migration strategies, arm agents with the tools they need, and commit to the migration – no half-measures.