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Chapter 6

Creating A Social Customer Service Playbook


A social customer service playbook details processes for how different departments should transfer knowledge seamlessly to one another, and how social conversations should be engaged with by customer service agents. The playbook provides consistency across your team and creates processes that can be measured, refined and scaled.

This Playbook Should Be a Go-to Resource for Agents:

Your team:

  • Align their work with your objectives and values

  • Refer to real examples for tone of voice and engagement

  • Rely on a go-to resource for any situation they may face

  • Garner the confidence to use their initiative within defined parameters

Your business:

  • Develop a better understanding of shared objectives and goals

  • Rest assured of a secured public reputation, with crisis security measures in place

  • Benefit from a defined route for collaboration on Social Customer Service processes

Defining your vision for Social Customer Service

Before you aim to create a blueprint for Social Customer Service, ask yourself:

  • What are your objectives?

  • What do you hope to achieve for your brand?

  • What is your vision?

This most fundamental of stages requires the involvement of every stakeholder. Reaching consensus on these core values will help you communicate your vision to your team and inform priorities, process and protocol as you build them out.

What’s your company’s mission?

  • Are you hoping to protect a good reputation?

  • Or to salvage a damaged one?

  • Are you aiming to transform internal cohesion around customer communications?

  • Are you looking to create a new customer experience?

What are your business goals?

Is interacting with customers’ issues on social media primarily about crisis prevention, customer engagement, delivering service in a cost effective way, generating new business, or retaining your existing customers?

What are your agents’ goals?

How do your top-level objectives for social customer service channel down to goals for your team? As the most regular users of your playbook, you need to translate your company vision and values into practicable ideals your team can strive for every day.

Checklist: What to include in a social customer service playbook

  • Overall goals, objectives and vision of social media. Social customer service needs to align with your high level business goals and your playbook should explain that this initiative is an important one. Agents need to be trusted with flexibility to manage an ever-changing channel with limited time to act, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide guidance. Key motivators and priorities

    Introduction to social platforms. If you’re bringing in agents from other areas of the contact center, it is best to include details of your goals for the different platforms you are using and to explain how customer service over public channels differs from what they may be used to.

    Processes agents should be following. Clearly explain the steps for processing a customer message, including how to respond, what data to record such as sentiment and categories, and when to archive. Document response escalation and crisis processes so they are accessible to every agent.

    Tone of voice. Describe the brand personality you’d like agents to convey during their engagement with customers to form a guiding principle.

    Do’s and don’ts for engagement. Explicitly give examples of the kinds of responses that fit your brand’s tone, and likewise share the responses that DO NOT fit.

    A list of resources to find support information. Your agents’ go-to resource should include anything from knowledge-base articles to how-to videos to posted community solutions. Linking to this existing content can help your team shorten response times and remain relevant.

    Contact details for relevant internal stakeholders. Ensure that the playbook has a complete directory of stakeholders that may need to be involved in different customer service needs or social situations.

If you want more help with your Social Customer Care, reach out to one of our representatives now. We can help you get the right people, processes and platform in place to serve the new, social, mobile customer.

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