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Chapter 2

Social Customer Service Maturity Index


The social customer has grown and evolved in the manner and tone in which they connect with peers on social media. This evolution is also evident by brand/customer interactions on these channels.

Are You Customer Focused?

It’s important to have a strategy in place that can answer your socially-savvy customers who expect speedy, warm-blooded resolution in-channel.

However, don’t let the idea of ‘Social Maturity’ be misconstrued. It’s not something only for the biggest brands who already have an established customer service machine. Even smaller, lesser-known brands should shoot for a mature customer service experience on social.

Service Maturity Index

Social Maturity is NOT determined by:

Social volumes - even with relatively low volumes of queries via social, maturity is not measured by volume. Rather, compare the ratio of queries submitted via social compared to other channels.

Size of traditional contact center - brands with already existing legacy channels set up are not necessary providing a mature social media customer experience. Social is not just another customer service channel and requires best-of-breed tools, as well as specific training.

Brand equity - having a ‘well-known’ brand is not necessary either. Even for more obscure, niche brands, social customer maturity is not only attainable but truly obligatory.

Trendiness - some brands are naturally social and quickly build up a strong rapport with their audiences on Social channels. However, just being “edgy” or cultivating a strong following does not necessarily deem your organization socially mature.

So What Defines a Socially Mature Brand?

Social maturity is more than just showing up on social media channels, far more intimate than canned responses and requires more than expensive software.

Below is our checklist for socially mature brands. See where you fall on the spectrum and we will help you determine how to move from a place of complacency or stagnant processes, to join the ranks of brands serving the new social, mobile generation.

Within America alone, 160 million people have an active mobile social account. That’s 50% of the population.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine your brand’s social maturity:

  • Is Customer experience a priority across all channels?

    Brands who have not yet grasped the brevity of a powerful customer experience are figuratively not even in the game yet. Unless your social media customer service strategy is powered by an underlying drive to provide exceptional customer experience, you aren’t built on the right foundation for social customer maturity.

  • Is Customer Service driving your social initiative rather than Marketing?

    As we mentioned earlier, business on social media was primarily marketing driven in the inception of the social age. In the age of the mature social customer, social media is a viable resolution channel and not just a bullhorn to spread marketing messages.

  • Have you invested in a dedicated social customer care solution?

    Be warned: not all solutions claiming to do social customer care are created equal. Just because you have employed a technology to support you on social does not mean it is equipping you to answer social media customer queries at scale. A viable solution turns the chaos and noise of social media chatter into streamlined threads and queues that are easy to manage and ensure best in class customer service.

  • Do you resolve in-channel on social?

    It’s best practice for digital customer service as a whole include resolving in-channel, forgoing new escalation paths on the road to resolution. Social is no different. If your agents aren’t equipped, either by the technology you employ or the training you embrace, to resolve immediately in-channel when faced with customer questions and demands on social, you are far from fully social mature brand.

  • Does your business recognize Social as an equally important service channel to legacy channels?

    If your digital customer service architecture has social media as a footnote in the grand scheme, you are missing a fundamental understanding of today’s social, mobile customers. Social media is increasingly not only a foundational channel your customer turn to for help, but slowly overtaking the pillars of what have been considered the mainstays of modern customer service.

  • Is the tone of your responses more personal than mechanical?

    If your social media customer interactions sound more like a blaring foghorn that is producing the same monotone sound for every customer, you’re doing it wrong. Your audience on social media can smell a fake a mile away. You will only minimize your effectiveness if you try to feed a corporate, stuffy tone into channels that are designed for authentic and personal engagements.

  • Do you collaborate with other departments when building your social media strategy?

    Companies that do not have cross-departmental line of communication run the real risk of alienating themselves from their customer base. With social offering the very real market opinion into your goods and services, you need to use what you hear on social to impact your product, your marketing campaigns and even your corporate image. The solution also is not to try to combine departments to make one massive department that deals with customers.

  • Is your Executive Team practicing social media maturity?

    When your company’s leadership are the first adopters of a mature social outlook, this is a sign of a progressive brand. One of the best examples of this is Sprint’s CEO, Marcelo Claure, who is very active and transparent on social and gives his team the freedom to follow suit. This can account for Sprint being one of the earliest adopters of one of the most mature social channels available—Facebook Messenger.

See Where You Are

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