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In-the-Moment Resolution: How Icelandair Delivers Real-Time Social Care


Incoming Messages




Response Time

Icelandair has been engaging with customers on social media since 2010, a spontaneous reaction to the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption. They quickly realised that the social customer doesn’t want to interact only during traditional business hours, but at their own convenience, whatever the hour, whatever the issue.

For a large, multi-tiered brand such as Icelandair, the importance of a comprehensive and scalable service platform was paramount. In June 2016 a dedicated team was created to manage social customer service, PR/Brand protection and marketing engagement. In order to strengthen brand loyalty in 2017, Icelandair is focused on providing best-in-class customer service at every single touch point of the customer journey. 

Platform Features Used

Promoting Social
Best Practice

About Icelandair

Icelandair is a leading airline offering flights to and from Iceland, and provides an attractive option for transatlantic flights.

The airline operates out of Reykjavík, and uses the country’s geographical location mid-way between America and Europe, as an opportunity to build an ever-growing network of international routes with Iceland as a hub.

Icelandair connects 29 gateways in Europe with 19 gateways in North America.

Reykjavík, Iceland
“In an operational industry like air travel, we constantly deal with unforeseen situations, endless fluctuation and evolving services. Conversocial helps us keep pace with customer demand and quickly analyze where we can improve our guidelines and processes for even more efficiency.”

Sarah Unnsteinsdóttir

Head of Icelandair Service Centre


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The Journey to Social Maturity—Challenges

Real-Time Issue Resolution: For Icelandair, being there for customers in real-time goes beyond just response times. Passengers expect a resolution in-channel, and in Icelandair’s case in real-time. Icelandair needed a way to prioritize and manage the ever-increasing flow of customer inquiries on social.

Transitioning from Public to Private: Social care has transitioned from a place where consumers only went to vent their public dissatisfaction to becoming a channel to seek private in-channel resolutions. This emerging trend is designed to support 1-2-1 private resolution, but means a different approach to workflow and channeling internally is needed. As the market has moved towards more private messaging, new ways to automate these simpler requests are imperative for scale.

Laying the Foundations for Success: The new competitive advantage for airlines is humanity in service, at all customer touch points. But this means creating, staffing and training a team built for social success at scale. Icelandair quickly realised they needed to streamline internal communication between departments and business units.


Icelandair’s Solutions


Staying Human, Even Under Pressure: Learning, adapting and training is a never-ending process for Icelandair. Because of a continuous conveyor belt of evolving/new products and services that are added Icelandair needs to keep on their toes to have their guidelines and processes up-to-date. This is also true for spikes in volume. You can plan for a crisis, but they are different on every occasion. You need a well-trained team, ready to jump in and help out when there is a peak from unforeseen circumstances. Icelandair therefore also needed a tool to match this internal collaboration. Conversocial’s prioritisation, assignment, and playmode settings allow for spikes to be handled with optimised teamwork, working hand-in-hand under pressure.

Impacting Continuous Customer Touchpoints:: The passenger’s journey does not just start on the day of travel. Icelandair is often in contact with the customer in the early pre-booking phase. The conversation will often span the full length of the customer journey, resembling a human-to-human conversation rather than brand-to-customer. Icelandair adopted early on the strategy to use real agents and have real conversations with their customers. Icelandair doesn’t script there team, with the emphasis being on understanding, personalisation and action (action speaks louder than words).

Direct Message Resolution: The maturity of social, paired with passengers preferences changing from a channel of last resort, has led to a natural transition from public to private communication. Private channels deliver a better experience for the customer because passengers can easily share their experience in greater detail with privacy. This allows Icelandair to solve the issue quicker and at scale. But you need a partner who can thread both private and public conversations, uses efficient workflows and key word prioritization to deliver service at scale.

Promoting Social as a Care Channel: Driving awareness of Social Customer Care to their customers, is one of Icelandair’s biggest 2017 initiatives. 2017 has seen Icelandair launch Twitter DM and Facebook Messenger links on their US website’s’ landing page. Making customers aware that social is a preferred customer channel, Icelandair embraces the Social Messaging mantra, as well as boosts service efficiency. The plan is to roll out further embedded links across more global pages as the volume of incoming messages flattens each time after a launch.


First 5 Months of 2017 Compared to the Last 5 Months of 2016

  • 78%
    Incoming Messages
  • 67%
    Incoming Conversations
  • 163%
  • 51%
    Response Time

Twitter CSAT

  • 4.2/5
    Twitter CSAT Score
  • 46%
    Response Rate

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