How Conversocial Operationalised Viaplay’s Multi-Region Onboarding

Viaplay are the epitome of a truly innovative customer centric brand. Ensuring that they provide customer service in the easiest, most transparent and seamless way possible whenever and however their customers choose, sits at the top of their customer care strategy. Born in the age of digital, and with a predominantly younger user demographic, Viaplay understands that the modern customer is more digitally savvy than ever before. Viaplay focuses on providing support across a plethora digital channels and actively direct customers to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Play.

As a rapidly expanding business, however, Viaplay faced a major challenge: How could they scale up their customer service offering to meet the rising demands and expectations of their growing digital customer base quickly? They recognised the need for a large scale, Pan-European service operation, in line with a multilingual contact centre team.


Scaling Digital Support in Just 5 Days.

Given the business need for a swift and painless platform roll-out, it was essential for Viaplay to partner with a platform provider who could guarantee a rapid deployment. A partner who could be implemented efficiently, expertly and skillfully -- and being able to scale as volumes shifted from traditional to digital. Enter Conversocial, who guaranteed a full multi-language rollout in just 5 days.

Partnering with Conversocial, Viaplay operationalised a large scale implementation across a multilingual team within one week, allowing them to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction and agent purpose without disruption to their digital service offering.

Platform Features Used

Professional Services
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About Viaplay

Now part of the Nordic Entertainment Group, launched in 2011, Viaplay are a video-on-demand streaming service. They offer access to a wide library of films, TV shows and sports to their users based on a monthly subscription charge as well as pay-per-view access to sports fixtures and films. Serving Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, Viaplay strive to provide an unrivalled customer experience across all aspects of their business; including their omnichannel customer service offering where their goal is to make brand-consumer engagement as effortless as possible.
“Viaplay’s digital contact centre support infrastructure is a vital part of our business, ensuring the happiness of our customers and giving agents a sense of purpose. We needed a best of breed partner to support our digital care operation, as well as one that could scale with our growth, to effectively manage the needs of a multilingual audience. Conversocial ticked all of these boxes; They helped us provide a stellar customer experience in our digital customer service offering through continuous optimisation and enterprise grade care.”

Linnea Forslund

Head of Customer Service


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Delivering a Large Scale Implementation

Efficiently configuring a new platform was always a worry for Viaplay. With over a team of 50 digital agents and 40,000 contacts on digital each month, Viaplay needed a partner which could be rapidly implemented across their Pan-European digital care operation to ensure it was still able to run as seamlessly, smoothly and painlessly as possible.

Conversocial’s dedicated Professional Services Team rigorously planned a tailored account implementation and agent training to support a large scale multi-region onboarding within a 5-day time frame. This rapid approach prevented any chaos and confusion within Viaplay’s digital service operation and ensured that all stakeholders, from manager to agent, were clearly aligned on how to use the Conversocial platform. In partnership with Conversocial, Viaplay has managed to turn digital into a strategic and scalable channel with a differentiated advantage.



“With such a large organisation and digital care team spanning multiple regions and languages, we were impressed with the incredibly rapid onboarding process that Conversocial both planned and delivered for us in under one week. Despite such a complex platform implementation, Conversocial not only managed to meet their deadlines for onboarding, but also ensured the process was faultless, comprehensive and went above and beyond with agent training to ensure each agent was fully qualified and understood every aspect of the platform. Thanks to this, Viaplay has broken down the complexity of our digital support offering which means we can focus on customer engagement.”

Mitch Okada

CS Digital Channel Manager at Viaplay

Challenges prior to Conversocial’s rapid implementation:

  • A Multilingual Contact Centre: Digital was a chaotic channel due to Viaplay’s agents not having a platform in place which would allow them to seamlessly engage in the range of languages that they serve: Norwegian, English, Danish, Swedish and Finnish. Viaplay needed a dedicated digital customer care solution that could automatically route each customer interaction to the right language-specific agent for complete in-channel resolution.
  • Measuring the Overall Customer Experience: With a complex and multi-structured customer care operation, Viaplay needed to achieve the security, reliability privacy needed for industrial strength. This meant building a measurable, clear and commercialised digital customer service strategy at every digital customer touchpoint.

Benefits delivered post-Conversocial’s rapid implementation:

  • Customization Focused on Different Languages: Viaplay now has full integrity over their multilingual digital support structure. With dedicated Twitter and Facebook channels for each region that they serve (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland) a streamlined and more commercialised approach using Convesocial’s smart routing capability means that each customer interaction is seamlessly language matched to the right agent. This means Viaplay’s multilingual contact centre team can now work together to achieve their main goal of boosting customer satisfaction. This gives a uniquely powerful customer experience ensuring that customer interactions are always professional, relevant and appropriately handled by the correct team internally.
  • Reporting with CSAT: Using CSAT natively on Twitter and Facebook gives Viaplay a controlled way of measuring the customer experience. This enables Viaplay to collect feedback from their customers directly from the conversation which they’ve had. It also presents the customer with an opportunity to leave an open text response a chance to leave genuine feedback.

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