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Customer Service via Twitter

Don’t fear the Tweet, fear social silence

Do you want to know the 1st symptom of irrelevance for your brand?

It’s social silence. Your customers are already on social media, Tweeting, commenting and private messaging you with their frustrations, service queries and praise. If you leave them lurking on a dead channel, seeking resolution, these newly fickle, mobile customers, will simply find the brand who is there and who will respond.

Conversocial is proud to be an official partner of Twitter

Conversocial is proud to be an official partner of Twitter and we have access to the full Twitter firehose, offering you the best integration, simplest interface and most scalable solution out there for social customer service via Twitter.

With Conversocial for Twitter you get:

  • Smart Routing: Twitter is full of noise. We filter out the irrelevant Tweets. Your customers get the fastest response, and your agents stay focused on what they do best.
  • Conversation Threading: Resolve issues faster and make every Tweet and DM more personal with contextual threads that provide a single view of the customer and the conversation.
  • Social CSAT Surveys: Capture in-the-moment feedback from your customers with automated CSAT surveys post-resolution for more accurate measurement of your Social success.
  • Private DM Prompts: Simplify the transition to private DMs from public Tweets by embedding prompts right into the reply for attentive, in-channel service.
  • Voice of the Social Customer: Real-time tracking shows the impact Twitter social care has on your bottom line with detailed reports on your team’s performance and your customers’ feedback.
  • Service Broadcasting: Quickly mass Tweet critical announcements to your social network followers with a publishing tool built specifically for social customer care.

Meet with your customers on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or even Instagram—with Conversocial.

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