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Customer Service
via SMS

Deliver in-the-moment care for the on-demand customer

Communication between brands and their customers is moving towards private, one-to-one channels where stronger customer relationships are established. This “anti-social” social shift is making SMS one of the most viable channels for the empowered customer, who is armed with information, choice and a platform to have their voice heard.

The private, social revolution has forced this vested mobile channel to catch up to the social, mobile customer.

Customer Service via SMS

Fashioning together the principles of Social engagement and traditional service channels, Conversocial helps companies seamlessly manage SMS at the speed of digital.

  • Texting is a natural behavior for customers and works on any mobile device
  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes
  • Mobile texts have an average open rate of 98%
  • SMS notifications establishes your customer connection as “always-on”
  • Private channels allow for a more secure exchange of information
  • Companies see a 40% call deflection rate when pivoting customers to SMS

Add this Private Channel for Immediate, Effective Social Customer Service

Built-in compliance layer Customers are automatically provided the option to opt-out of SMS communications, adhering to regulatory ‘Do Not Call’ requirements.

Configurable autoresponders Ensure your customer’s first SMS interaction with your brand is helpful with a customizable welcome messages that provides further information and menu options.

Conversation threading Agents deliver service as natural as texting friends with contextual threads that include conversation history, internal notes and a clear back-and-forth design.

Track ‘true resolution’ Manage the end-to-end process of customer resolution with a case-inspired system that tracks internal collaboration, response status, issue types and resolution outcomes.

Insightful reporting Powerful analytics to monitor response time, resolution rates, sentiment conversion and important performance KPIs.

Customer Service via SMS

Your empowered customers are engaging with you across digital channels.
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