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Customer Service via Google Play Store Reviews

Turn app reviews into 5-star customer resolution

Engage with your customers at every product and brand touchpoint.

Reviews can have a significant impact on customer acquisition metrics. 58% of Android users discover new apps by browsing the app store.

Use one of the only customer care platforms to turn previously 1-way complaints into 2-way dialogue, for 5-star service.

  • Thank users who are your biggest advocates
  • Answer questions and resolve issues in-channel
  • Let users know that their issue is heard, and update them when it’s fixed
  • Identify technical bugs or product ideas

Customer Service via Google Play Store reviews
Customer Service via Google Play Store Reviews

Watch our Spotlight:

Conversocial CEO Joshua March on how brands can use Google Play Store reviews as a powerful service channel.


Leverage all the power of Conversocial's customer service platform when engaging with Play Store reviews: from contextual conversation threading, to actionable conversation distribution, to powerful data reporting. Effortlessly prioritize and route reviews using Conversocial, so agents work on the most pressing service issues alongside other digital channels.

  • Prevent churn by proactively addressing negative customer issues
  • Support app launches and the influx of feedback version releases
  • Detect early indications of persistent performance or usability issues
  • Track trends and feedback, including rating and sentiment conversion

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