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Customer Service
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Manage the Customer Experience on the Largest Social Network

With over a billion and a half monthly active users (over 20% of the earth’s population) Facebook has created it’s own virtual planet. This feature-rich platform is where your customers post their memories, air their political views, share favorite memes and express their service grievances.

Your customers are trusting you with their life moments, with their whole network watching. Miss an opportunity to show up for them and you aren’t just letting down a valued customer, but doing it with an audience.

Conversocial is proud to be an official partner of Facebook

Conversocial is a preferred marketing partner of Facebook, providing our partners with the newest integrations, product features and more.

A Very Human Experience—At Scale: Conversocial’s platform brings relevant Facebook posts into your service queue, helping you dispatch the right query to the right agent, respond faster and even escalate to Messenger for a more intimate 1 on 1 exchange. Learn more about Messenger here.

Manage Comments on “Dark Posts:” Advertising spend on Facebook can yield negative results if you are missing comments on highly targeted posts. Only certain individuals are served these ads, and if you miss engagements on these ads, negative sentiment can snowball.

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