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This calculator is for contact center, customer service, and CX executives who want to forecast the value Conversocial can create for their companies. Conversocial can help your company improve agent efficiency, streamline messaging channels, boost customer experience satisfaction, and incorporate automation into operations.

CX ROI Calculator

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Conversocial reduces your contact center costs and helps your business increase customer satisfaction and support efficiency.

To build a contact center of the future, your brand must embrace messaging channels.

A common misconception among many business leaders is that determining the return on investment of your CX operations is near impossible. But determining your CX ROI is a needed necessity if you're going to secure the future budget you need, get the C-level buy in you deserve, and avoid those difficult questions that can arise.

Historically, the contact center has often been viewed as a 'cost center' vs a revenue generator and protector. But it is in fact only the traditional contact centers that are the top drain when it comes to contact center profitability. Why is this? 


  1. Legacy tools naturally carry high costs: Convoluted back office systems aren’t just cumbersome, they're also expensive. Recurring software licenses and maintenance costs can make up a significant portion of many support organizations' budgets, as can the price of telecommunications equipment and phone calls. With messaging support, organizations are able to consolidate many systems into one interface, as well as future-proof themselves against incoming ones. It's all about channel depth, not breadth.
  2. Traditional care agents lack churn fighting tools: Churn is a top concern for businesses these days, and unless they offer support channels that can reach customers when they’re in the act of cancelling, it’s a losing battle. It’s an especially difficult fight for subscription services – from streaming music to beauty boxes – which suffer a 40% churn rate according to McKinsey. These services are as easy to cancel as they are to sign up for, but messaging app support can create a much needed buffer. The beauty and fashion subscription box service FabFitFun for example uses Conversocial to proactively reach out to customers to dampen churn rates. The support team is able to educate customers and redirect cancellations into product up-sells.
  3. Traditional care agents are inefficient with their time: Traditional channels force agents to handle conversations in a live, session-based manner, where it's not possible for an agent to conduct more than 2-3 conversations concurrently (or one if by phone). The asynchronous nature of messaging channels allows agents to get up to speed quickly and handle numerous conversations at once, helping to optimize their time. Take for example Volaris Airlines who saw a 29% reduction in handling time because 1 agent could now manage 5 interactions simultaneously, versus only 1 interaction while using phone or live-chat.

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