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Digital Customer Experience

What is Digital Customer Experience?

Digital customer experience refers to how you approach any interaction a customer has with your brand online. This may be via a website, social media, or,  increasingly, over messaging channels.

Many brands opt for an omnichannel approach to customer experience. This means that you have a number of different channels to handle each customer touchpoint. For example, if a customer wants to make a complaint (fingers crossed they don’t), they may choose to call, send an email or contact you over WhatsApp.

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The benefit of an omnichannel approach is that you cater to the individual preference in contact channel for each customer. The downside is that brands often end up providing a mediocre experience. The issue is that they’re trying to do too much. 

Instead, we propose a unichannel approach. In this scenario, a brand focuses on one channel and goes deeper - investing in their chosen platform and training their teams to deliver exceptional experiences.

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Customer Experience Strategy

Armed with smartphones, digital channels ablaze, the consumer of today has more voice than ever. Delivering a second-class customer experience no longer cuts it. Brands must create scaled, in-the-moment and meaningful 1:1 relationships with their customers if they want to withstand the test of time. Engendering brand loyalty requires engagement at every touchpoint the digital customer demands.

Consumers and brands alike have been propelled into the digital world — radically changing the face of brand-consumer engagement. Technological advancements mean we are living amidst a digital transformation, a shrinking world where we are more connected than ever before. With a recent Conversocial report finding over half (55%) of respondents have used a private messaging app to connect with a brand, there is no time like the present to evaluate your customer experience strategy.

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Messaging Customer Experience

The fundamentals of delivering a good customer experience will be as consistent in 2020 as they were in 2019; customers still expect convenient communication that takes little effort on their behalf. But with the rise of friction-free, asynchronous, and personalized private messaging channels for customer-brand conversations, contact centers must adapt accordingly.

Messaging channels are the perfect platform for developing new customer experiences. Your customers already live on channels such as Apple Messages, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. They don’t need to download a new app or find you online. They can find you in their preferred platform.

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Customer Experience Automation

We’re starting to see brands figure out how to use bots and AI in a way that adds real value for customers. When asked if they are comfortable with entirely non-human interactions, consumers are almost perfectly divided — 48% said yes, and 52% said no. What’s interesting though, is that 71% would happily use a bot if it improved their customer experience. 

This data conveys that half of our surveyed consumers still harbor an element of mistrust in the ongoing role bots and AI will play in customer experience management. But it does not need to be this way. Many customers, unknowingly in many cases it seems, regularly interact with a bot in some form. In fact, many Conversocial clients have implemented our Navigator product offering to help route issues to the right team or collect a layer of case information to inform the agent prior to issue handoff. In 2020, brands should allocate some focus on better educating their customers of the experience benefits of bot-augmented issue resolution. 

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Customer Experience Analysis

How do you prove the effectiveness of your customer experience? While it all depends on the experience you’re providing, there are some aspects that are universal. When it comes to customer support, it’s simply a case of analyzing the effectiveness of the channels you're utilizing. The only issue here is that you’re probably using different best-in-breed vendors for each channel, all with their own reporting capabilities and scores. 

Calculate your Customer Experience ROI

We gave this a lot of thought and, after much fine-tuning, we created a new metric that makes it easy for brands to compare the effectiveness of their customer experience service channels - The Service Index.

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Customer Experience Resources