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Case Study 

How Tesco Proactively Engages for Social Customer Care

Tesco's Success Story

Tesco is one of the world’s largest and most profitable retailers, serving millions of customers a week in its stores and online. Their Social Media Team needed a solution to efficiently manage all digital customer service cases across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram from customers based in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

“Customer behavior is changing. Their expectations of retailers continue to rise and they want to be able to shop however, whenever and wherever they want. Establishing multi-channel leadership is about putting the customer at the centre of our offer and building a seamless experience around them. Conversocial allows us to achieve this on our social media channels.

-James Gough, Social Media Operations Manager, Tesco

Proactive Social Care Engagement

Tesco's Social Media team collaborated with the Marketing department to launch a "Brand Engagement" campaign using Conversocial. Prior to this, the team would only engage in proactive outreach work when there was a lull in customer service contact.

    • Objective: The aim of the trial was to utilize Conversocial’s proactive search feature to reach out to customers in need. When a customer is angry, it is common for them to vent their frustration over Twitter without directly mentioning the brand. 

    • Execution: The customer service team was able to reach out to customers before an issue is officially raised. Tesco used Conversocial’s proactive search function to look for specific tweets.

    • Results: The proactive social engagement trial was such a success that Tesco decided to create a dedicated team, whose sole responsibility is to surprise and delight customers over social media.

Today, Tesco has seen some fantastic customer feedback by proactively solving customer service issues. The team consists of 8 Brand Engagement Executives (BEEs) whose core purpose is to reach out to customers and add value to their lives. Tesco has seen some fantastic customer feedback by proactively solving customer service issues.

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