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Humanity @ Scale: 

How Sprint Successfully Serves their Social Customers

Sprint’s #SocialFirst Story

Sprint launched their Social Customer Service operation in 2012. During that time they have faced and overcome many challenges. The team has now scaled to a 24x7 operation, responding to thousands of posts each day. But the goal remains the same: to treat each customer issue as unique.

"Although our teams are operating 24x7 and responding to thousands of posts each day, our goal is to treat each customer issue as unique. We avoid scripted responses beause it's all about being as human as possible."

—Sarah Brownback Wortman, Social Customer Service Strategy Lead at Sprint

The Social Maturity Journey


  • Integrate Facebook Messenger as a viable support channel, becoming the market leader in the telco industry

  • Manage the social footprint of 4 different brands, establishing and maintaining a consistent human voice

  • Scale to a 24/7 model for customer service, while maintaining the same level of service


  • Facebook Messenger Launch: The conversations on Facebook Messenger are the same as private messaging, but a quicker path to resolution for Sprint’s customers. It has also seen a reduction in the public comments and public posts to Sprint’s social pages.

  • Social Care Agent Training: Sprint focus their training and hiring practices around the various types of interactions their specialists are faced with each day. They use real social crisis scenarios in their candidate screening and selection processes, and they train their teams to treat every social interaction as if the customer is standing right in front of them.

  • Strong, Cross-Functional Brand Voice: Sprint considers social to be a success when it’s fostered by employee ambassadors and brand advocates. They leverage experts in various parts of their company and customer base to provide answers to common customer questions.

  • A Social CEO: Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO, instills a Social First culture. He maintains his own twitter handle and social accounts and has kindly allowed the @SprintCare to respond to customer-related questions. Sprint always wanted this channel to be about resolution and convenience for their customers, and
    Marcelo’s social activity has grounded them in these principles.


  • 31% increase in Facebook private messages via Messenger and subsequent 23% decrease in public comments.

  • 15% efficiency gain over our previous social customer service engagement tool seen immediately, the day Sprint launched Conversocial.

  • 50% quarter over quarter growth of social media mentions and customer inquiries. With Conversocial, Sprint’s team is able to grow at a slower rate while their customers enjoy decreased resolution times.

  • Phase-out manual routing from operations model, allowing the Conversocial tool to intelligently route customer and sales leads to appropriate teams.

  • Sprint’s customer adoption rate for Facebook Messenger surpassed their 90 day forecast predictions in the first 4 weeks of launch.

Sprint Facebook 12/1/15 - 2/27/16

Since implementation, Sprint has seen a surge of Facebook private message volume, and a decrease of public queries.