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Latest 07 Aug 2020 | Messaging Channels | 4 min read

Why You Should Move to WhatsApp Business

With more than 2 billion users across 180 countries, WhatsApp is not only the most popular messaging app in the world but also the messaging market leader in 133 countries — outperforming competitors Facebook Messenger and WeChat.


Imagine a free messaging app so popular that, when the government planned to tax it, thousands of people took to the streets in protest. That’s exactly what happened with WhatsApp last year in Lebanon

People like myself use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family, get updates from community organizations, and — increasingly — connect with brands and businesses. Incredibly, the number of messages sent every day is over 3x peak global SMS volume. In the UK, Europe, LATAM, and India, it completely dominates the way people interact with each other — less so in America, but the numbers are on the rise. 


Why Should Brands Care About WhatsApp Business?

Since the launch of WhatsApp Business in January 2018, more than 5 million businesses have started using the platform “to support customers, grow their businesses, and serve their communities all over the world.” The tool has massively taken off — especially in markets where WhatsApp is the communication platform of choice. 

WhatsApp Business offers brands the ability to provide their customers with a more simplified, reliable and efficient level of customer engagement, while increasing loyalty, saving time and reducing costs.


What Can Your Brand Do With WhatsApp Business?

Ensure a secure and safe way to communicate

WhatsApp Business offers complete encryption and security for brands and consumers alike. And not that I want to blow our own trumpet too much, but with Agent Assist (Conversocial’s property account verification technology) agents never have to handle a customer’s PPI also. Instead, agents are able to dispatch skill-based or purpose-driven bots to collect the information or complete transactions. These virtual assistants then return the conversation to the human agent once they’ve completed the task. The result for brands and consumers: a secure place to have a private conversation without agents having to handle the private information.

WhatsApp_VolarisReal-time and asynchronous conversations

Allow commerce to happen 

Conversocial allows for dynamic commerce to take place through WhatsApp Payments supported by Conversocial. It keeps customers in-channel by making it easy to authenticate and to pay for goods and services in that same channel. With end-to-end SSL encryption between your brand and the end customer, WhatsApp finally opens up possibilities for more secure, personalized and transactional use cases via private messaging.

WA payments-Jul-27-2020-01-06-46-02-PMWhatsApp Payments supported by Conversocial

Foster customer confidence with verified business accounts 

WhatsApp Business — rightly so — requires a rigorous approval process for companies to create a branded business profile. This has the added effect of improving customer confidence while helping to reduce piracy or fraud. For any new customer engagement channel to be effective customer confidence must be sound. Additionally, this allows for companies who utilize WhatsApp Business to reach those customers who are averse to public channels but happy to communicate via private messaging (i.e., my parents for example). 

VitalityVerified business accounts on WhatsApp Business

Enable two-way communication through proactive messaging

As a marketer myself, if I was told I could send the right marketing message, at the right time, to the right person, with the right experience, I would immediately ask where to sign up. WhatsApp Business provides marketers the ability to do just that — it allows for sending proactive notifications for time-sensitive updates based on personalized criteria. Essentially, it gives brands the ability to send customers automated account updates, payment requests, appointment reminders, and much more.

Notify ScreenshotSend push notifications with Conversocial Notify


Why Does WhatsApp Business Matter?

Simply put, it makes your customers happier and your business more efficient. 

WhatsApp Business offers consumers help on their own terms, switching between real-time and non-real-time dialog (depending on the situation) with a consistent end-to-end experience. Giving your customers the ability to feel confident, safe and secure while messaging the brand of their choice, on the channel of their choice, is a sure shot way to differentiate yourself from the competition.  


Is WhatsApp Business The Future?

Facebook, as one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world, has fully embraced the power and benefit of messaging apps. In the long term, there are even plans afoot to merge WhatsApp and Instagram with Facebook Messenger to allow communication to flow across all three platforms, enabling businesses greater range and flexibility when it comes to messaging. 

In the short term, what seems clear is that WhatsApp is on the rise around the world. Even if your brand isn’t offering WhatsApp support right now, don’t write it off. You’ll want to adapt and be where your customers are, and hey, your customers might one day adopt it as their platform of choice for staying in touch with friends, accessing government services, or even buying a new t-shirt.

To request access to WhatsApp Business — that I highly recommend — head here

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