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Latest 04 Mar 2021 | Messaging Channels | 4 min read

Why You Should Move to Instagram Messaging

As Facebook’s cooler, younger cousin, Instagram offers brands an opportunity to reach a younger demographic than other social platforms. 70% of Instagram’s 1bn monthly active users are younger than 35. They come to the platform to be inspired by images and videos posted by people and businesses they care about. 

In September last year, Facebook launched an integration between Messenger and Instagram, creating 'Instagram Messaging' in the process, which was a game-changer for brands’ ability to communicate with their customers. Suddenly sliding into DMs got a lot more manageable. The integration created the opportunity for more 1:1 relationships and building brand loyalty in a space where its users are more invested in brands than any other digital platform across the world. 


Why Should Brands Care About Instagram Messaging? 

Of the 1bn monthly active users, 900m of them follow at least one business. Beyond liking pictures and watching stories of what their friends and families are up to, Instagram users are engaged in what their favorite brands are doing; in fact, 2/3 deliberately use Instagram to interact with brands. If someone follows you, they’re interested. 

With Instagram Messaging, scalable and personalized brand/consumer interactions with hundreds (or thousands...or millions) of your customers are now possible. It means Facebook partners like Conversocial are able to offer the same conversational customer experiences on Instagram as other channels like WhatsApp Business and Apple Business Chat. Every image, video, story or reel should be seen as a chance to begin a conversation with a customer that could last across their entire lifecycle.


What Can Your Brand Do With Instagram Messaging? 


Instant engagement across the platform 

No matter where a follower has tagged your brand, you can open an instant conversation. It’s possible to respond directly to customers over Instagram DMs and after story tags or comments. With Messenger’s integration and Conversocial’s Agent Assist these conversations are easily a seamless, convenient and asynchronous interaction between you and your customer. With the addition of Quick Replies - where the customer is presented with a set of buttons that give instant responses - and Ice Breakers - when a consumer initiates a conversation and is given a set of FAQs - it’s never been more straightforward to engage on the platform.

Have personalized 1:1 interactions with your customers


Send new customers straight to messaging

Rather than just being a place to showcase your wares, Instagram has become a revenue-driving channel. The main avenue for acquiring new customers (or at least engaging current ones with new products) Click-to-Messenger (CTM) adverts. With CTM ads, a click instantly takes users into a conversation with the brand. This is where the magic of automation can create an exceptional sign-up or shopping experience, with the ability to keep an entire transaction - from purchase to order tracking - all in one place.

Customer acquisition through click-to-Messenger ads on Instagram

Proactive engagement throughout a customer’s lifecycle

This mobile-first shopping experience gives businesses the chance to turn their feeds into shop windows - with customizable storefronts added as a tab to any brand’s profile. There are 130m users tapping on shopping posts every month. It means ‘follow the link in our bio’ is no longer the only way to drive sales from a post. An item is simply one click away, with secure payments all done within Facebook Pay without leaving the app. Post-purchase is where the next level of engagement can happen. Using Conversocial’s Notify tool, anything from item tracking updates to push notifications about new products or an item being back in stock are all possible. The convenience and flexibility of Messenger as a customer engagement channel makes creating exceptional personalized experiences for customers on Instagram incredibly straightforward.

The entire buyer journey can be contained in the Instagram app


Is Instagram Messaging the Future?

Instagram hitching its wagon to Facebook means the platform has fully embraced the power and benefits of messaging channels. It’s not really a secret that Facebook is looking to merge the messaging infrastructures of its three major apps - Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Whilst the ubiquity of Facebook may leave some consumers a little wary, it creates an incredible opportunity for brands to reach billions of consumers. With seamless integration across all 3 platforms, Messenger interactions won’t just be asynchronous, they’ll be channel agnostic at the same time. Instagram Messaging is the first stage of this merging and will give brands an excellent footing in providing amazing conversational experiences. 


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