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Latest 04 Aug 2020 | Messaging Channels | 4 min read

Why You Should Move to Apple Business Chat

There are more than 1.5 billion monthly active Apple devices worldwide.

Let’s be real...the majority of us own or have owned an iOS device in our lifetimes. You may be a passionate Apple advocate. Or you may have ‘had enough’ and made the move to Android. But regardless of whatever camp you hail from, we have all had some exposure with the Apple brand (I mean it's pretty hard to not know who the 11th biggest company in the world is).


But What is Apple Business Chat?

Essentially, it’s iMessage but for business. Just out of beta access, Apple Business Chat is more than just text messaging. It’s a rich user experience that leverages the power of iOS by bringing its features into the Messages app- including Apple Pay, Wallet cards, Maps, AR and more. With the Messages app/Messages on all iOS and MacOS devices, Apple Business Chat makes connecting with a brand as easy as messaging a friend.


Why Should Brands Care About Apple Business Chat?

Simple. Apple Business Chat allows brands to communicate with their customers where they already are.

It also allows brands to build unique customer experiences; ones that drive revenue and improve customer happiness. We cannot stress how valuable this is, especially in a time like this. With everything in a constant state of flux, consumers crave as much ease and consistency as possible when it comes to their brand interactions. 


What Can Your Brand do with Apple Business Chat?

Reduce call volume with Chat Suggest

Chat Suggest provides brands with a powerful way to promote messaging as a channel while helping reduce inbound phone calls. When a customer clicks to contact a phone number registered with Apple Business Chat, the option to message the brand is dynamically presented alongside the click-to-call button. What’s more, Apple Business Chat allows brands to convert inbound calls to messaging conversations by promoting “press 1 to start messaging us” all through voice.

LushChatSuggests-Jul-27-2020-01-13-44-64-PM“Chat Suggest” - a call deflection feature of Apple Business Chat

Securely enable payments and information sharing 

Apple Business Chat allows for dynamic commerce to take place - all from an iOS device. It keeps customers in-channel by making it easy to authenticate with Apple Authentication and to pay for goods and services with Apple Pay. Then seamless integration with Wallet allows customers to also manage boarding passes, tickets, etc, in their wallet without ever having to search an endless email account or switch to a different device entirely.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 11_10_52 AM-Jul-27-2020-01-06-51-53-PMApplePay on Apple Business Chat

Use Pickers to help promote your products and services

Pickers make it easy for customers to choose from a set of options, all within channel. Business Chat offers two types of pickers: list pickers and time pickers.

  • List Pickers: A list picker prompts the customer to select one or more items, such as products or locations.
  • Time Pickers: A time picker prompts the customer to choose an available time slot, to schedule a meeting or appointment.

The major benefit to brands here is the ability to promote their products within Apple Business Chat while serving customers through seamless end-to-end experiences - all on their mobile device.

Use augmented reality to influence customers buying behavior

Augmented reality (AR) experiences can be delivered over Apple Business Chat and allow customers the next best thing when it comes to trying something in the flesh. Whether it’s checking out what eyeshadow palette suits you best, or seeing if a desk is the right fit in your office, AR is a powerful customer experience tool that’s proven to drive revenue. It allows brands to connect the virtual to the real, creating unique customer experiences that, to put it bluntly, are pretty fricking awesome.

ABC_AR_retail-Jul-27-2020-01-15-48-84-PMAugmented Reality in Apple Business Chat allows customers to visualize products.


Why Does Apple Business Chat Matter?

Simply put, it makes your customers happier and your business more efficient.  It's where they are.

Apple Business Chat allows brands to capitalize on the rise of distributed commerce.  Simply put, consumers want to make purchases and/or receive support all from within their iOS devices. Business Chat provides customers a one-stop-shop where they can chat with agents via their Apple Watch, for example, or check out right through Apple Pay without ever opening a mobile web page. 


Is Apple Business Chat The Future?

Consumers are looking to tech giants to provide integrated brand messaging options, and the giants are listening. As one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world, Apple has embraced the power and benefit of messaging apps. You can surely expect that brands will continue lining up to offer customer experiences over Apple Business Chat. And just the same, you surely can expect Apple’s competitors to double down on messaging as a support channel in response.

To request access to Apple Business Chat — that I highly recommend — head here. 

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