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Latest 17 Dec 2020 | Messaging Channels | 2 min read

Why Does Engagement Through Messaging Matter to Customer Experience Executives?

Smartphones have given modern consumers a bigger voice than ever. They’ve also given forward-thinking brands the opportunity to provide a more joined-up personalized experience for their customers. By casting off, or at least relying less heavily on, legacy channels such as phone, email or live chat, CX professionals can keep track of a customer’s journey across their entire lifecycle.

The asynchronous, device hopping nature of messaging channels mean 1:1 customer/brand relationships are possible, and often demanded by the consumers themselves. They allow engagement to be effectively tracked at every touchpoint, providing untold opportunities to build informed interactions based on past experiences, preferences and needs. The interactions aren’t isolated or ticket-based, they’re part of a broader way of thinking when it comes to managing CX. 

In Conversocial’s Definitive Guide to Customer Experience 2021, we go deep on the methods Customer Experience Execs can use to provide amazing experiences and maintain a loyal and happy customer base, but we wouldn’t want to give them all away here! Below are a couple of actionable examples of the power of messaging channels in action. You can download the guide here, or by clicking on the big red button at the bottom of the page. It’s hard to miss - look out for where it says “DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW”.


When a Bot is Better Than a Human

We’ve all been there - going down a phone tree rabbit hole, shouting “I JUST WANT TO TALK TO A F*****G HUMAN BEING!”. But believe it or not, there are situations where it’s easier and more preferable to have a bot handle your interaction. 

For instance, in addition to being able to deal with customers’ most repeated queries, bots are an excellent handover tool for agents. If a customer wants to add luggage to their flight, agents can enable a bot that will handle the conversation in a more efficient way. Conversocial’s platform also offers payment features to help customers feel more comfortable- their personal details will only ever be handled by purpose-driven bots.


“When automation is easy and good, we prefer it. Do you go to the self-serve checkout in Safeway, or do you go to the line where you're dealing with a cashier? Most of us probably go to self-service...because when it's accessible, we prefer automation (more) than we prefer dealing with people we don't know.”

Rob Lawson, Partnerships @ Google


How does it work? 

Do you know what’s less helpful than most instruction manuals? Someone trying to read one over the phone to you. At Conversocial, our policy when explaining something is ‘show don’t tell’ — a mantra embraced by an electronics giant when building a Messenger bot. 

The bot was built to walk users through any and all new features of the latest devices, using rich media to explain how to get the best out of the product. Utilizing messaging to automate the process made sense for both brand and consumer. A human verbally explaining this would have been more time consuming for all parties involved when compared to the interactive and impactful nature of customers seeing the features with their own eyes. 


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