Latest 11 Jun 2020 | Customer Service | 4 min read

Move to Messaging Data: See Why Customers Prefer Messaging Channels

The last few months have redefined every aspect of business as we know it. At Conversocial, we’ve handled an increase of over 100% in private messaging channel volume for our brand partners alone. It’s clear, customers have moved to messaging. And we’ve brought the receipts to prove it.

Customers have moved to messaging...

Moved to Messaging 1

And they expect your brand to be there to…

Moved to Messaging 2

Customers expect their experience to be personalized also…

Moved to Messaging 3

And a good experience is key to customer loyalty…

Moved to Messaging 4

And customer loyalty leads to repeat customers…

Moved to Messaging 5

So what does this mean for your business?

The biggest winners and losers will be determined by those brands that can successfully build meaningful 1:1 relationships with customers on their preferred communication channels – private messaging apps.

Let us help you move to messaging.


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