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Latest 22 Aug 2018 | Customer Service | 5 min read

Why 39% of Customers Feel That Brands Aren’t Meeting Their Expectations

More than one third of all consumers – 39 percent – feel that brands aren’t meeting their expectations for online customer service according to a Conversocial study.

How are brands doing so poorly in the digital age? Largely, three reasons. 

1. Rising expectations

The bar is high and still getting higher. Eighty-one percent of consumers say they expect more from companies this year than they did last year, and it was the same the year before that. For this rising tide, brands can blame connectivity, among others.

Consumers’ expectations for what counts as intuitive, simple, fast, and generous support is pegged to whoever is offering the best support of the day. And with tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook winning consumers’ hearts with millions of dollars of spend in customer experience (CX) design, companies everywhere are challenged to eliminate needless steps in their support interactions so that customers will rate them highly.

What you can do:

Invest more budget into CX design. But if you can’t, select customer-facing partners that do. By using Facebook Messenger as a support channel, for instance, companies of all sizes hitch a ride on their intuitive, consumer-friendly interface.

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2. They lack effective tools

Thirty-eight percent of consumers expect first touch resolution on digital channels. But few companies can deliver on that because they’re still embroiled in digital transformation. Their support is part 1990s-era PBX systems, part 2000s CRM and live chat, and part modern digital support on social media and messaging platforms – all confusing, for a customer that wants one throat to throttle.

What you can do:

Complete your digital transformation with consolidation. Invest in digital tools that tie your support channels together, intelligently route requests to the right place, and allow any team to access CRM data and authenticate customers upon first touch.

Learn more about the Social Message Advantage

Companies that deliver satisfying digital support are those investing in CX design, tools, and talent, and overhauling their aging support systems to eliminate steps in the customer support journey.

3. Trouble retaining talent 

Customer support agents must now moonlight as brand ambassadors. Half of their job is marketing, and it’s hard to find and train the right talent. And once on-boarded, keeping them inspired, happy, healthy, and productive is a challenge. Agents get fatigued from wearing too many hats, from rote administrative work, and from not feeling like they have an adequate path to promotion.

What you can do:

Make agent retention a top priority by setting inspiring goals, arming agents with tools that make their lives easier and more enjoyable, provide frequent feedback, and make sure they have clearer paths to promotion, such as from support agent to digital support agent. Just the awareness that a path exists can inspire better performance.

With over 4 billion consumers already using Social Messaging apps, ask yourself what you as a business need to be able to manage these conversations at scale. With our help, you too can join the Social Messaging revolution.
Ido Bornstein-HaCohen - Chief Operating Officer, Conversocial

The path to success is short and getting shorter

Companies that deliver satisfying digital support are those investing in CX design, tools, and talent, and overhauling their aging support systems to eliminate steps in the customer support journey. To join them and to meet your own customers’ rising expectations, you need the right partners, software, and people.

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