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Latest 13 Oct 2015 | Customer Service | 3 min read

What #SocialFirst means to Tesco

Last week Conversocial and Tesco got together ahead of National Customer Service Week to run a #SocialFirst workshop, an idea born from James Gough, Social Media Operations Manager at Tesco. The premise is simple, to discuss what challenges and trends the industry are seeing, on the ground with the people who see them day in and out.

We are very lucky at Conversocial to work with some of the world's leading social brands and in them is housed some of the best industry knowledge and thought leadership. We jumped at the opportunity to learn from Tesco and pose a few questions to the industry. The 14 experts from across the Digital Customer Service Operation pose a lot more, but these are a few we have selected for you to ponder over.

Who will win the war over business specialisation and social service skills?

The idea of having a social hub is nothing new; However, as we see volume and question complexity grow, service centres need to address the challenge of training limitations at scale. Having a team of 10-15 capable to answer the volumes which come their way is all well and good; however, as social service grows, the demand for more sophisticated social support will develop so brands will need to separate your team to manage the engagement effectively. Would it therefore not be better to convert to teams housed in specialist departments alongside colleagues dealing with the same issues on other service channels to streamline operations and costs? Or is social too radical for traditional operations altogether and are they going to need to streamline to your social operations?

Social media is becoming more private. So, the question remains for the future, how will operations navigate the best customer journey utilising the channels demanded by your customers? Also how do we ensure the teams have the flexibility to adapt with these technically?

With greater access to messaging systems and chat platforms, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp coming into play, the social team will become more of a hybrid role between the public and the private engagement. The core of these platforms still lie in social communication, so the tone of voice and nature of service needs professionals who have a deep knowledge of the social customers’ expectations and requirements from their visit.

How do you match the personality of your team, voice of the brand and appropriate giveaways or rewards and compensation to effectively resolve an issue?

We live in an environment where social engagement means a customer/brand relationship that revolves around a genuine relationship, not just for service and support but also brand engagement and your service team are the heart of this. Your customers know you inside out and expect the same in return. So if you can use the relationships you develop to find an appropriate and cost effective resolution to an issue and even turn that issue into a positive experience with the brand, why not? Never forget, people in your social team have their own personality and strengths, let these shine but do so to benefit the customer and share this relationship across the team.

As mentioned above, these are a select few questions posed in the #SocialFirst session, we have purposefully left this open and would love to hear your thoughts, Tweet us @Conversocial.

If indeed you have questions you see as a challenge for the future we are always happy to discuss.

Conversocial will be running #SocialFirst workshops with customers throughout the year, please do contact your Customer Success Manager who will be able to provide more information if you are interested.

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