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Latest 28 Mar 2018 | Customer Service | 4 min read

Conversocial Transforms WeChat Messaging into a Digital Customer Care Channel

Conversocial, the leading social messaging platform for digital customer service, today announced general availability of it's WeChat integration – powering digital customer service capabilities for the massive Chinese social messaging network. The integration enables digital customer care teams to leverage intelligent agent routing, conversational filtering and prioritization, robust workflows, and real-time analytics to deliver digital care over WeChat.

WeChat represents an audience of over 1 Billion users in Asia, many of whom use WeChat as their sole access to news, information and social networking. However, for many international brands, the Mainland Chinese market has been a challenging region to engage customers. With this integration, Western brands can now leverage WeChat as a digital customer service channel directly into China, eliminating the gaps in service coverage between U.S. and Chinese markets.

“Messaging is already transforming the digital care strategy for thousands of major brands by enabling customers to effortlessly get help on the same platforms they already use to communicate with friends and family,” said Joshua March, CEO & Founder of Conversocial. “We are proud to be among the first digital customer service platforms to integrate directly with WeChat, allowing our clients to extend messaging-based support to their customers throughout China and the rest of Asia.”

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As the 3rd largest social messaging platform in the world behind Facebook properties Messenger and WhatsApp, WeChat represents a significant audience for brands with a presence in APAC, specifically China. Bringing the workflow, intelligence, automation and insights of the Conversocial platform to WeChat fills a much needed gap for many large brands. Having only just recently created a separate mobile app to help Operators manage their WeChat Official Accounts, messaging at-scale for large brands has been challenging. Until now.

WeChat represents an audience of over 1 Billion users in Asia, many of whom use WeChat as their sole access to news, information and social networking.

“Just as game development has fueled recent growth on WeChat, we believe customer service is yet another important growth area in terms of how people use WeChat in their daily lives” says Conversocial’s Chief Product Officer, Mat Munro. “Conversocial customers that have a large Chinese customer base, like Cathay Pacific Airways, have long considered WeChat to be an important avenue to engage with customers. We are pleased to provide these brands with the most reliable, scalable platform that gives them the confidence to commit to servicing customers at scale via WeChat messaging”.

Conversocial’s addition of WeChat has been imperative for a large brand like us to engage with our massive foreign customer base, ultimately enhancing their overall experience with us. For the first time, our social customer care team can filter through the noise and prioritize conversations that truly need a response from a live agent, allowing our agents and managers to engage in WeChat messaging conversations at scale.
Cathay Pacific Airways Social Media Manager, Priscilla Chok.

Conversocial is making use of several unique WeChat features such as transcribing voice notes sent by users, while also offering direct Mainland Chinese implementation—providing higher availability and reliability of messaging content and data access. Conversocial is proud to be among the first digital customer service platforms integrating directly with WeChat, giving brands the ability to confidently invest into WeChat as a customer care channel for their business.

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