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Using Shopify Connect to Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

As a company that works closely with online retailers and eCommerce brands, we understand the importance of digital engagement and how a deep knowledge of your customers’ preferences can build long-lasting relationships. It’s why we’ve built an integration that connects Shopify directly into our platform, enabling our partners to leverage the power of conversational commerce through one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms. 

Shopify Connect makes businesses more efficient and proactive, while saving consumers effort and time when interacting with their favourite eCommerce brands by providing a seamless end-to-end shopping experience over messaging channels.

By plugging the Shopify API into Conversocial, A Verint Company’s Agent Workspace, agents have access to:

  • Key customer details (name, email etc)
  • Customer history (order count and lifetime spend)
  • Order details (status, shipping details and tracking numbers) 
  • The customer's full Shopify account 

All of these details are pinned to a customer’s ID – meaning agents can see their Shopify account details alongside all other historical data and conversations – and are available for all future conversations.  Shopify Connect gives our partners a single view of the customer and acts as the connecting point between the brand and customer’s data.

Working from a starting point of 'integrate once, use everywhere’, the customer data isn’t just something for the agent to refer back to, it can be used within our suite of products to enable exceptional conversational experiences.

Shopify-Preview (1)Agent's view of a customer's full Shopify account details within Agent Workspace


From a Bot platform that can proactively update on order tracking, to Notify sending targeted notifications for new products or offers based on a customer’s historical order data, Shopify Connect puts Conversocial, a Verint Company at the centre of your customer relationship. It allows our brand partners to build better relationships with their customers by offering a complete in-channel service without needing to deflect to a different medium to handle any queries across the lifecycle.

Acquisition: Our ‘Product Discovery’ Accelerator (a ready-to-use bot template within Shopify Connect) allows customers to browse and purchase items within a private messaging channel using tags or catalogues to streamline the process 

Experience: Customers with higher lifetime spend can automatically be routed to a priority queue, so your most loyal customers can be given ‘VIP’ treatment, allowing brands to create stronger, longer-lasting bonds.

Care: There’s also a WISMO (Where is my order?) Accelerator that keeps customers updated on their order status with minimal identification details required as the Agent Workspace has access to all the details and historical conversations through the Shopify API.

WISMO accelerator on Shopify Connect


The busiest time of the year is approaching for retail and eCommerce brands, it’s never been more important to have digital solutions that create exceptional customer experiences. That’s without even taking into account the supply chain issues being experienced around the world.

To learn more about keeping customers loyal in the face of supply chain challenges, you can read our guide here.

The cost of global freight is rising and there’s a shortage of qualified drivers to transport the goods, with some experts predicting it could last until 2023 without significant government intervention.

The lead up to The Holidays, which in the US makes up 19% of total annual sales, is important every year, but with the disruption of the last 18+ months, it’s perhaps even more significant. 

A happy and loyal customer base is important, especially when facing potential disruption to their orders. You only need to look at the image below to understand the significance of repeat customers on revenue generated by some of the world’s biggest brands.

Fore Runner Ventures loyal brands

Source: Fore Runner Ventures

Tools like Shopify Connect  help to build loyalty through exceptional conversational experiences – long-term customers are able to receive VIP treatment, agents have access to a customer's historical data to make interactions informed and personalized, and it enables your brand to engage with proactive and relevant messages. 

At times when the buying and delivery experiences have the potential to be disrupted, providing the best experience possible is vital to ensure your customers are still there when supply chains are causing fewer challenges. 

If you'd like to know more about our Shopify Connect integration and how it can help your brand, you can get in touch and find out here. 

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