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Latest 10 Aug 2018 | Customer Service | 3 min read

This week: 20 Companies With the Best Support, CX in 2022, and Top Trends

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This week, we review the top support trends of 2018, investigate new ways that customer service drives sales, learn where the customer experience (CX) service market will be in 2022, and a share list of 20 companies with the best-rated support.

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The Top 6 Customer Support Trends of 2018 - Conversocial

Digital support has finally come of age. For brands, interacting with customers on Facebook Messenger is no longer a question. But what role can AI play? What about brand protection? Blockchain? Data privacy? The Conversation looks at the top trends of 2018

5 Ways Customer Service Can Be Your Sales Engine - Forbes

Support leaders rejoice: Customer service has gone from loss leader to revenue engine in the eyes of executives. As CX consultant and keynote speaker Micah Solomon explains, support interactions build consumer trust, recognition, and habit – in short, the foundation for profit.


Digital Customer Experience Moves from the Call Center to the Board Room - PRNewswire

The CX services market will reach $88 billion by 2022, according to a new study by research firm NelsonHall. Most companies now consider CX their primary differentiator and here’s what they’re thinking about chatbots, live agents, and predictive analytics.


A List of 20 Companies With the Best Customer Service - Forbes

After three years of research, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) has ranked every major company operating in America based on customer feedback. Three industries dominate – two are related to food.

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