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Latest 30 Sep 2020 | Messaging Channels | 2 min read

This Week: Facebook's Mission to Become Masters of Customer Engagement

Hello and welcome to The Conversation Round-Up where I sift through the latest news and trends in messaging, automation and customer experience to bring you the stories that matter.


Facebook has become the place online for customer engagement

The platform has always been about connecting people with the friends and family that they love, but it's about more than that now. Beloved brands and businesses are in the mix. Social commerce is becoming a big deal, especially in the current climate. 

Leaning on the power of their 1.79bn daily active users, Facebook provides everything you need to market and support companies and products. Branded pages are a store front and Facebook's advertising infrastructure sends traffic directly to these pages.

Facebook Shops is just the step that completes the circle. How? by using messaging channels like Messenger and WhatsApp to create a seamless consumer experience, offering a direct route to customer acquisition, where your customers are all hanging out anyway. 

This is something Messenger's Head of Developer Partnerships - Martha O'Byrne-O'Reilly - told us is a revolutionary development for Facebook. 

Facebook Shops is built for Messenger 1


At Facebook HQ, they're also keen to get as many people using the Shops platform as possible and help cement Messenger as the channel where brands and consumers can connect during the whole buying experience. 


The aim is for a smooth shopping experience  1


If you want to hear more from Martha, you can listen to her full conversation with Shane Mac here


It's official! Messaging Channels are the future of marketing 

The life of a marketer has always been geared up to using every method of communication possible to extract all the information they could out of their potential customers. They would beg, borrow and steal (maybe not the last one) to find anything from an email address to a cookie. That's until messaging channels came along. 

They lower CPLs and CAC, you get higher engagement and a much better ROA and billions of consumers use them every day. Facebook Messenger has 1.3bn monthly users, Apple has 1.5bn active devices worldwide with Apple Business Chat at their fingertips and Google can utilize the 2.49bn daily searches on its platform to open up Google Business Messages as a channel to reach out to consumers. 

Read About The Future Of Marketing


Conversocial is now FSQS certified 

We're really proud to say that after going through the Hellios FSQS certification process, Conversocial's commitment to best business practices, data protection and compliance with regulations is now officially recognised. 

It's a benchmark used by some of the UK's biggest banks and financial institutions and means our FinServ customers can use Conversocial's platform to safely engage consumers over messaging channels, which are an incredibly effective revenue driver and retention tool. You can read more about what it means for us all here. 

And that’s all from me for the next couple of weeks. As usual, I would love to carry on the conversation at @idohacohen. 

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