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This Week: How To Prepare For The Digital Holidays

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Retailers Need To Prepare For A Digital Christmas/Holidays


Covid is likely having two major impacts on retailers this year's holiday season - fewer people in stores and way more online activity. In March we saw our airline partners affected by travel bans, restrictions and local lockdowns. The volume of their conversations grew 3.5X between February and March. 

This month is going to be the equivalent, and potentially even busier, for retailers. Enforced changes in consumer behaviour means a much bigger reliance on digital channels for every stage of their buyer journey. 

We expect a considerable spike in conversations around delivery, product quality and availability, just from looking at the data from our partners over the last 9 months;

  • There's been a 60% increase delivery-related contacts alone during the pandemic
  • We are projecting retailers will see a 100%-400% spike compared to last year's holiday/Christmas season

It's such an important time for retailers, more so given how their revenues have been affected in 2020. Without being ready to handle what Covid + holiday shopping volume will throw at them, they could lose both revenue and valuable customers as we enter 2021. 

You can read more about Covid's long-term affect on retail here

How Do Retailers Prepare For A Digital Christmas/Holidays?

So, we know that it's a doubly important time of year for retailers, but how can they prepare to handle what a Digital Christmas/holidays has to throw at them? The answer is messaging channels, backed up by automation

These are the two tools that can can be utilized across the buyer journey, to acquire new customers and provide exceptional CX from purchase through to delivery and beyond. 

Messaging channels and bots are build to handle huge volume, so retailers can utilize their ability to work at scale to automate the most common tasks like making purchases, tracking orders and handling regular customer service queries. 

A seamless customer experience is created and the huge spike in traffic is offset by automation, allowing for a successful holiday period and loyal, engaged customers as 2021 rolls around. 

Find out more about preparing for a Digital Christmas/holidays here. 

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