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This Week: Conversocial is Named in the Top 50 Innovative Companies in 2020

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Conversocial Recognized for Innovation 

It's been a proud week for me as CEO of Conversocial. The Silicon Review named us as one of their 'Top 50 Innovative Companies 2020'. I want to show my appreciation for the team's efforts over the past 12 months.

It's not been a straightforward year - we have been transitioning as a company from a best-of-breed social care platform to an all-in-one customer experience platform during a global pandemic. It's an impressive achievement to go through this transition and provide support to our partners, while enabling them to deliver exceptional customer experience through our platform.

Our remote teams in EMEA and the US have quickly adapted to the changes COVID has brought to businesses across the world. It's also shifted how customers and brands interact and we have had to learn quickly what this means for our partners' needs. This ability to adapt is how we stay ahead of the curve. 

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Instagram Messaging for Business Launched 

Facebook announced the launch of Messenger API to support Instagram messaging, with Conversocial as one of the developer partners. It's further confirmation that private messaging is the only way to ensure consistent, exceptional customer experience. 

Plugging into Messenger’s API is a game-changer for larger enterprises. They can handle more messages, more efficiently through automation and rich media. and being able to scale messaging for Instagram's 1bn users is huge. With Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and Apple's business messaging, that's more than 7bn users and devices available to communicate with brands via messaging platforms. 

We are really excited to start working with our partners to help integrate the API into their CX strategy and create more 1:1 customer/brand relationships for a new demographic of users on Instagram's app. 


WhatsApp Enters the E-Commerce Game

We also found out this week that WhatsApp is turning comms into commerce. Customers will be able to see products and make purchases direct from chats, so the app will become a tool for brands to engage across the customer lifecycle. 

Until now, WhatsApp Business has mainly been used as a post-purchase channel - for tracking orders or customer service queries. The new features open up the possibilities to engage at the acquisition stage too. 

This announcement is the latest move by Facebook to develop its platforms to dominate the customer engagement landscape. WhatsApp and Messenger offer different solutions for customer experience, but they're both becoming platforms vital for engagement at every stage of a customer's journey.  

And that’s all from me for the next couple of weeks. As usual, I would love to carry on the conversation at @idohacohen. 

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