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This Week: Lessons From The C-Suite

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Conversocial's CRO On Effective Leadership 

Jamie Forseth, who leads our global commercial team, recently spoke on a panel  of what it takes to succeed as part of an effective C-suite.

It's been a challenging year for everyone, trying to juggle home life and work during a global pandemic. I've been very proud to work alongside Jamie as we've negotiated 2020. Hear more of Jamie's fascinating insight into her approach to her role here.

Dealing with Covid and leading a team


Click-to-Messenger Ads

You've heard me say it before...but I am really exited about Click-to-Messenger (CTM) ads. They are great ways to start conversations at scale, leveraging Facebook targeting to find customers relevant to their business. 

Whether the goal is to generate leads, raise awareness of brands or products, or drive sales, businesses can then tailor conversations in Messenger to meet their specific needs — driving business outcomes one conversation at a time. Below is a quick mock to demonstrate just how powerful these experiences can be...


Conversocial helps brands focus on what happens after the ad has been served and clicked. Customer experiences have expanded into Messaging channels, and conversational campaigns, marketers need a tool to optimize the conversational experience bridging the gap between automation and agents. This is where Conversocial comes into play. The magic is everything that happens post ad click, not what happens before. 

Do CX Like A Rockstar

Our most recent guest on Conversations with Conversocial was not your typical CX expert. James Dodkins started out touring the world with his heavy metal band Speed Theory, before becoming an international keynote speaker on Customer Experience. 

It was a fascinating chat with Shane Mac.  James' approach to CX is both disruptive and insightful, but often quite straight forward. It's all about the doing the basics well, which sounds simple and obvious, but is often something we all somehow overlook. 

Good CX isnt complicated


But there were some more provocative theories, including what James called the 'customer feedback conspiracy'. In his mind, sending surveys after an experience is too late, it's about knowing what your customer needs before you give it to them. 

Surveys can be pointless


It's an excellent conversation, with so many things to take away an execute which will improve your relationships with your customers.

And that’s all from me for the next couple of weeks. As usual, I would love to carry on the conversation at @idohacohen.

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